Ima Mi (My love)

iWon I just realized i had not done a post on that yet! YIPPIE!!! I WON I WON I WON! so Thank full to everyone that voted, If you are ever in the Ottawa region. Please stop by mine for some good ol home made dinner, all on me!

I opened my e-mail at about 8am Tuesday morning, was looking for a particular email from my mum so I checked my junk. I found direction. I had been praying, crying, starving myself, fasting. and there it was in an e-mail. So thankful to God for the little mercies.

I remember too many things through smell and music. A lot of songs remind me of different people and circumstances( i cannot listen to certain songs anymore). Perfume: I can smell exes, friends, anyone from miles away. sometimes I am on the train and I smell a "friend".. iSmile.

friends...sigh! I really do not know what I would do without mine. I hung out with my close circle all through last weekend. One of us was visiting from out of town. I appreciate them SO MUCH. They gave me the push I so badly needed. They even had a surprise Grad dinner for me!!!! I was so surprised! LOVES THEM!

In this same breath (read as post) Some 'friendships' are not worth it.

Sometimes I just want to turn off my phone and be out of reach for hours,and it just be with my thoughts.However i remember that there are people I talk to all the
time(sister,bff,besties) that once they cannot reach me for 30mins they panic #youknowyourselves.

Sports, I wont say I am a HUGE fan, but I watch alot of sports, my brother plays football so I had to watch so I could undertsand. I Watch hockey cos of the Canadian in me. Basketball was my ish when I was in HS, now I watch whenever I can catch a game. Soccer I watch often, I only support #teamsupereagles though. Does this make me a sports person?..O_O


I wish I knew how to discuss my feelings. I really really realllllllly wish I knew how to. I cant even write it down, for fear that someone might read it. it all stays inside me. I dont talk.

In that same breathe(read post). that is about to change. I am about to become outspoken about my feelings. wear my feelings on my sleeve, be an open book et el. *asking God for strength on this one*

I do not blog about relationships because I do not think I have had enough experience to talk about love and all that jazz. I have alot of thoughts about them, they might be too radical and pessimistic.

Thank God for new budding relationships with....MYSELF! Step 1. *SELF LOVE*

I love peppermint tea, raspberry tea, orange peko tea, mango tea! I love TEA!

"If you love something let it go, if it comes back that is how you would know"--> *rollseyes*---->DEAD LINES--SURE!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Hugs and Kisses

P.S My title is a song by Eedres AbdulKarem ft Keke and Vicky called Calabar Girl. he sings with my Mummy's name(Ima which means Love). I have had the song on repeat all evening.

P.S.S Happy Fathers day in advance to all the fathers out there. My daddy is still better than your daddy! hehe..:D


mizchif said...

No! My daddy beats yours Hands Down!
No contest!

Good friends are the bestest. I miss mine.
Congratulations. Graduation, award, life, everything.

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

lovely pic

BBB said...

oh cute cute pic
friends are the bestest


Hey congrats and I agree with you on friends.


leggy said...

some friendships are indeed not worth it, ive come to realise that and im definitely letting go/

Ms.O said...

Mizchif- Thank you dear..:)

Blowing Blessing-I used to think you were also HappyBBB!!! my bad!!! Thank you!

BBB-Thank you love!

Prof- Thank you!

Leggy- Yes some definitely are not. Thanks mama!


blogoratti said...

Happy Father's Day in advance yea.

neefemi said...

Cant express myself either, cant write or say it - but i try to show it in the things i do...thats all i got for now, don't know about wearing it on my sleeves....congrats on finding direction thats always good

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your win dear, you and your friends look great. I love those booties, :):)

Happy fathers day to all our dads, they're fantastic!

Ms.O said...

Blogoratti- Hehe are you a daddy?

Neefemi- Hmm Ms Neefe we have a lot in common.

Myne- Thank you mama! hehe they are mine..:) Yes all the dads are fantastic!

Harry-Rami Itie said...


Kafo said...

Congrats oooo
on this new accomplishment

when it comes to feelings
go for a walk and talk to yourself
or drive and talk to the steering wheel
that is how i started
and now .....

yankeenaijababe said...

Congrats girl, I can imagine your shyness to speak your mind via blogville, don't feel scared, do it , can't wait

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Congrats... least i know i have a free meal waiting somewhere.

Ms.O said...

Harry- Thank you for coming by

Kafo- Thank you. I love your blog! I like the idea of talking to my stering wheel! I actually talked about my feelings to another human being this weekend. First time i have EVER done this. I am learning.

YNC- My pweety sister! I will soon enough!

Kabi- Yes there is a free meal here! Thank you!

Miss FlyHigh said...

Heheheh I saw the pics on facebook! I loved them ..U ladies look absolutely beautiful :)

Funny about the perfume and music. I have with songs too! No much with perfume because most friends don't wear strong enough perfume to even allow me to rmbr it. lol

Have a nice week Honey

Fabulo-la said...

Wear your feelings on your sleeve???
*side eye*
Not doing that, thats for sure.

Im gald you found direction.
Im still praying for mine...

Ms.O said...

@Ms Fly- Aww thanx babe!!! yay Glad to know someone feels the music and perfume thing!

@Fabs- Yes I am and it is def working. You should try it! Thank you! I pray you find yours!

LucidLilith said...

School has been kicking my I did not vote...but is dinner still on you if I drop by?

Nice Anon said...

sometimes we all need a little direction to get things going. Good friends are there to be cherished.

Ms.O said...

LucidLilth- Yes babe!! My entire blogfam is invited!!!

Nicey-Aww babes! Yes they are! p.s those are some HOT shoes!!!

T.Notes said...

Definite cute cute picture there.Totally Fab.
Congrats on your win,
and nice streaming thoughts.
Will be back around.

Anonymous said...

omg! it's u and me both on the smell thingy. people think i'm weird when i say i recall people's scents.

Ms.O said...

t.notes- thanx hun!!!

@Anon- I swear with me it is just magnetic. esp with smell!!! I can smell my friends from a mile away!

cosmopolitandiva said...

Omg! I love tea too!