Full stops and Exclamation marks.

I went into Chapters(book store)to get a novel that was recommended by a friend..I walked out with the LSAT book. I have given myself till the end of this week to decide if I should return it or do the damn thing!

There is nothing like anger/frustration to get you motivated. I got home threw above book and my purse on my bed, changed into gym clothes and ran for 2hrs straight by the Ottawa River. Got back home and jumped into the pool. I wish my pool was bigger so I could do laps.

I still do NOT feel better.

My phone has been off since 12:00 noon today...I have a BB, If you know me, You would not believe this! I need to be alone

I need direction. I am fasting next week.

I cannot wait to go to NYC in July! I am so over and done with life in general. I think I need a BREAK! Weired cos always get a break on weekends. I think I just need to be alone... #HermitMode

Have you voted for me for Best food blog on AWARDS Please do! No dulling no fronting!(Ms.O's kitchen)

It is June. I thank God for everything so far. I am just not at 100% today. I do not even know if I would post this up...

TV is so disgusting to me. I do not know how people just watch random things. I watch like 3 shows and that ia it..When I move into my one bedroom house. I might not have a TV.

I went to a shooting range 2weeks ago. I shot a gun. I liked it. I want one. I am thinking of joining a Gun club.

I have an ice-box where my heart used to be.

SATC2 was NOT a bad movie! I do not know who actually went to watch it expecting a serious storyline or anything too deep. I liked it just as it was. Just like i liked confessions of a shopaholic, He's not just that into you, and such movies.

I was with my friends baby yesterday. God is truly wonderful. Like WOW. The definition of 'creation' hit me yesterday. it is making something from scratch i.e nothing. I think I am rambling.

I might not be on speaking terms with some very important people shortly. God help me please

I always say "Allow room for major fuckrey" This just means that you should expect people to dissapoint you, so when they do, you do not even get mad, cos well you expected it anyway.

I am getting emotional again.. I'm out.

Hugs and Kisses


Fabulo-la said...

Hunny r u ok?

neefemi said...

e-hugs, i hope you feel better dear... just remember to breathe..muah

mizchif said...

"Allow room for major fuckery"
Loves it.

I have always lived by that mantra tho, never expect too much or anything for tha matter from people, so that when they act up, you don't end up disappointed.

Be easy babe.

Sting said...

I hope u feel better lady. Please take a break if you need it.

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

My Darlincious!! E-hugs!!! U'll be aiight, jst tke a break and let it all out, feel all the emotions and then get back on ur grind.

PS: I am looking forward to seeing u in NY!!!!


Jaycee said...

Pele dear. To cheer you up, great job on being nominated. Your food blog rocks!

BBB said...

i totally went along with this post
thats where i am right now
i have been so dissapointed lately

T.Notes said...

Lol@"Allow room for major fuckery". I'm adopting that theme!

Girllll r u ok??Thats some random venting. Ok, work with me here, slowly now: Breath innnnn Breath ouuuuut....

God's Peace.


Relax k?
It is well :)


Ms.O said...

Aww Thanx guys! I feel so much better this morning! I was just so angry last night. I was not goning to post this up. I really shouldnt have. I have my Besties and my sister to thank for getting me out of my "funk". Remain blessed!

Anonymous said...

mehn...i hope pesin no just fuck up..i feel like i know do fall your hand...its ok...i might be over this weekend....xoxo cici

LucidLilith said...

Running for two straignt hours? Wow. What is the matter? I hope all works out. Fasting is serious business. Is it related to the issue at hand?

Rene said...

i do hope everything is better nw

yankeenaijababe said...


Pele dearie, hope you feel better, hate to see you feeling stressed, just take it all one step at a time, a break is sometimes needed to cool and regain lost energy...hugs!

Ms.O said...

@CiCi My love.. no one actually annoyed me per se. Just a lot of stuff..ANSWER YOUR PHONE!

@Lucid- Anger can make you do amazing things. I did not even notice the time while I was running! When i noticed and had to turn around, I was shocked! Ran way past my regular spot! Yes the fasting is related to the issue. I just need direction.

@Rene- yes it is.. I dont see you on twitter anymore..:(

@YNC- Thank you hun! I am getting a break soon! I am excited! Sometimes everything just seems so much and you just break. I broke that day, But i am fine now..:)

blogoratti said...

Breathe easy...
We all need direction and answers at some point in life-hope you find the right path that you seek*

doug said...

Wow! Thats a lot of anger. Take it easy with the guns sis. Don't worry, you'll be alright. I'll say a prayer for you. Hugs :)

Ms.O said...

Blogaratti- Aww thank you! I am taking it one day at a time

@Doug- Awww thanx for saying a prayer!

Anonymous said...

i know you are fine now! :) its fantastic how things just pass...how we expand and make room for more...how our heart gets healed...and our mind gets surer. i went through somethings i thought would kill me recently but here i am....actually better than before...its so amazing. what a wonderful creation we are...

have an amazing day dearest.

Nice Anon said...

Feeling better now then huh? That's good. Life has it ups and downs. Be well

Original Mgbeke said...

Damn, I need to channel my energy into running for 2 straight hours. I hope that your days are much brighter. Keep your head up.

PS:- Did you keep the LSAT book?

Andrea said...

you ran for 2hours....take me with you.

Ms.O said...

Temite- Thank you sweetie!

Nicey- Thanks love! Yes life does have its ups and downs

Mgbekzz-Yes my days are much brigther, for some reason I cant run that long on a regular day!..:( Yes I did.. I might still return it.

@Andrea- LOL! sweetums! how is our baby doing???

Anyaposh said...

awww...pele. you'll be fine. I like that quote acknowledging that people will always disappoint. it's very real...true talk! you never know with people eh.

and I want to shoot a real gun too! I actually checked out shooting clubs in my city 2 months ago. There's an annual membership fee but I'm not willing to commit just yet. If I join...then we can brag about gun powder & bullets & stuff :)