Hello, I have never really done one of these random posts before, But I feel the need to let alot of things off my chest. So here we go.

I was Nominated for a Nigerian Blogger Award!! For my food blog CLICKHERE! I feel very honored to be recognized by my peers. It all started as a hubby, but the whole idea is going some where bigger soon. Of course I will keep you all in the know! Speaking of food I am going to apply to culinary school!!!!! MY DADDY HAS APPROVED. The question is when.

I am at a good place in my life, even though it really could be better, grad is in about a month, I could really care less about attending the ceremony. I am not in the mood for the formalities or the whole hoopla surrounding it. I would rather go on a vacation to Cancun or Cuba, or St tropez, somewhere..anywhere

I am overweight! Yes I said it! I am working on it. Now if only my mum would pay for my personal trainer,I feel like I need one. I do not eat either. I had 3cups of coffee today, and it is already 3pm.

Starbucks/TimHortons needs to start paying me. I have put at least 3 of the managers children through University.. in the past 5yrs...

I hate to admit it, but I do have feelings(I am a huge pessimist). I am the first to say 'I do not care" about alot of things, from men, to reputation, to gossip. But deep down I do. **SIDE NOTE** Yes I know you are reading this. I care that you are lying to me, but like you always say, you are sheltering me from the truth, so I do not get hurt.. PURE BULLSHIT!

Why do men lie? I read Vera and Nicey's posts... such EFFTARDS!!!! arghhhh! but I guess women lie too right?.. *rollseyes*

I love to play catch up with friends! BBM-ed with Lady Koko(EX BLOGGER) FOR OVER 3HRS last Friday!! FILLED WITH LAUGHTER, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM , HEARTFELT EMOTIONS, EVERYTHING! iLove that chic!

You can definitely love people you have never met! I love SOME of my twitter fam dearly. No I am not like 80% of Nigerians on twitter falling in love with online characters and flying across the world to visit them.(I don't have a problem with it though) LMAO!!! #shoutout to all my UnderG runs people, we see you! If you are guilty, it is ok. Love is a beaurriful thing!

In line of twitter, #SHOUTOUT to those people that are not on twitter, or even those that are not following you, but know what you are doing 24/7. How you ask? because they have you on search and have your TL on refresh. Some even start following you so that they can see your tweets with one particular guy...and call said guy when they think you are visiting him. #LWKMD! I love you people. You make my twi-life fun!

Why is it the one you love is never in love with you?..and all these men wont just leave me alone! Cant a babe just be single till her next birthday again?.. 2010 is Ms. O wild out yr! **Its about time I did a post on "the men in my life** HEHE..**ADJUSTS HALO**

The ONE iLike...sigh! Somethings just cant work can they?

OK this is too random! I am done... Voting for Nigerian Blog awards beings next week. VOTE WISELY!

Hugs and Kisses


Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Congrats on the nomination dear!!!
And get that butt in shape...but pls dnt let the guys @ the gym injure

Pls u shd tell us bout the men in ur life...I like gist jo!

Again congrats on graduation!!!

PS: U shd do mre random posts :D

Third World Profashional said...

Congrats on the nomination, weirdly I'm always on hiatus when the whole awards thing starts and I come back after and find out about nominations. Wanna win something dammit! Thanks for the comment boo xxx


I support the post on the men in your life. haha.

Wait, am I following you on twitter?
Let me see..



Oh yes! I am... lol
Come by me blog, if u can :)


neefemi said... why do i think u r talking to me woman, lol?.... i'm with u on that is Pure B.S... the thing with weight is that u have to eat, i know cos i'm the same way, i love to cook but hate to eat, but if u r going to stay healthy and even get rid of the weight u gotta eat....i said the same thing about starbucks today...congrats on graduating and yaaayyyy for culinary school, was just thinking i ought to do that, but its so expensive, maybe when i'm older... have a great week

Ms.O said...

@Undercover- LOL! hmm that post will be very long! HAHA! i'll think about it!

@TWP- YAY you are back with full force!!! Hopefully you don't take any more hiatus!

@LDP-thanx for coming by! I am always at yours. I will learn to comment!

@Neefemi-LMAO! No I am not talking about you ma! but seems like you are guilty!! Its ok..Like I said..Love is a beaurriful thing. Have a great week too mama!

Vera Ezimora said...

Congratulations on graduation!

And since you're not my opponent, congratulations on the nomination, too. LOL.

Per men, girlllllll..... don't get me started. Like I told Funmie, one way or another, we must find 'The One.' I don't care what anyone says ---- he does exist.

And yes, somehow, the one you love, never quite loves you back (the way you want him to) .... until you find the one, that is *wink*

There is so much drama on Twitter. How is it that I never know any of it? Y'll need to fill me in!

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your nomination dear.

And you mean twitter is that much fun? Where have I been? LWKMD.

Gist us jare.

BBB said...

congrats on d nomination
i love ur food blog
culinary school sounds like a great idea
welcome to d world of the overweights
i just crossed over from being obessed to overweight sef
working on it thogh
u gotta eat love
just eat healthy
thats all
twirra is so much fun
i love love love it
gotta check if am followin u

Andrea said...

Love random post. I gained weight due to the pregnancy. I have to start working out soon as I get doctor approval.

Ms.O said...

@Verastic- Please when you find THE ONE send his younger brother to me. I am sure you have good taste! Congrats on your NOMINATION(S)I am jealox of you!

@Myne yes twitter is that much fun and more. Some girls kill me though!

@BBB are you HappyBBB on twitter? coz I am following you hun. my weight issues are deeeeeep. Its not hard to lose the weight, keeping it off is a problem. sigh!

@ANDREA- Is Our baby here???? I cant weight mama! :)

T.Notes said...

Boy random blogs r fast becoming the fad!lol!*I like I like*

Congrats on culinary school. Sounds interesting.

Twitter--way way too much drama, i opted out + it become a terrible addiction of mine!

Oh n congrats on the nomination!Yayy You!

PeaceOut Mehn!

Gee said...

hahahahha--i looooveeee the randomness of this post!
and about tim hortons---i feel u mehnnn--if not i left canada ehn, would be asking for shares there!
congrats ohitz babe!!

doug said...

Loooool! Youre obviously having a blast. Looool
Congrats on graduating though. And on the nomination. I'll be rooting for you.


Ms.O said...

T.Notes- I did a random post cos, i had so much to talk about, might as well talk about all of them.. hehe. Thanx!

@GEE-Iam very proud of you for returning to blogger! LOL! Thanx babe!

@Doug- YAY MY twin brother! Thanx hun and Yes I am having a BLAST!

doug said...

@Ms.O - :)

thirtyplusgeek said...

Clearly I need to jump on the Twitter thing quickly. Congrats on the nominations.

Ms.O said...


@ThirtyPlus- But of course! Everyone must be on twitter!

Anonymous said...

Nice Anon: Ah lady koko! I loved her blog. awww that's good nne. So now you will learn more about cooking and the rest? Chai I need to move in with you for a weekend or something.

Yes you can fall in love without meeting physically. it happened to me once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

Nice Anon: Bia wetin happen to my comment na?

Anonymous said...

Nice Anon: Bia wetin happen to my comment na?

mizchif said...

congrats on the culinary sch decision hun.

You know what you did with this post....make me thirsty! Spread the VitG nah! who is jetting around the globe for who nah? Who is staking who's page? Hook a sistah up joo. Don't be teasing me with this vague ish mehn. No fair.

That said me i dont think i can follow my boyfriend on twitter oh. I am learning that i am not immune to being jealous and asking questions...being single teaches you plenty tins about yasef.

All the best with everything girl.

Original Mgbeke said...

Congrats on being nominated!
As per overweight, not eating will not help your case o. Your body will go into starvation mode and store anything it receives as fat...and yadiyadiyada. I'm sure you've heard it all before. :)

Good Naija Girl said...

Original Mgbeke stole my comment. It seems odd that eating regularly (healthy stuff sha) is actually good for your body, but it is good for your metabolism. I bet with consistent exercise you can even keep eating what you eat (it always looks pretty healthy) and shed some pounds.

In other news, voting's open! Good luck!

Ms.O said...

Anon- I'll say hi to her for you! You can move in love!

@Mizchif- HAHA! You want gist..not from me oh! LOL. Follow the right people dear.

@OriginalMgbeke- LOL..Yes I have! Now if only I would listen.

@GNG- YA...I am working on it! I am trying with the eating thing. Thank you hun!

Funms-the rebirth said...

congrats on your nomination

Ms.O said...

Thanx Funms!

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