10 Things iLove

I was tagged by the beautiful Taynement(I have not met her tho..but I know she is beautiful :D! So here we GO!!

God-I really Love God and now as I grow up I understand what it is to have a relationship with God and not just be a Christian by words and birth.My relationship with God gets shaky, and I still have a long way to go. but with God by my side, who can be against me?..

Family/friends- This is one category because I consider my friends as family once they gain the (prestigious title if i might add) title of friend. I have a fabulous family! I am my daddy's baby and always will be.I have the most amazing mother in the world! We also look alike so we are often calle twins!! My friends:Lox, vanchi toonee, debs, TD, Coleman and TIP,these people keep me grounded! And I love and appreciate all of them everyday!MY BDAY LAST YR!

Shoes- Anyone who knows me knows how much I love shoes. I cannot wait to be able to afford my first pair of Loboutins, or Chloe's, or Giuseppe Zanotti's!!! I rock shoes from everywhere now.. If you annoy me..buy me shoes and I would forget what you did sharp sharp..no dulling..lol Alexander McQueen Shoes

Photography- I have always been very interested in pictures. I got my first camera when I was 10.I am hoping to take some classes at the local college here to improve this passion of mine. I believe if you are gonna do anything even as a hobby, you have to do it exceptionally well! Pictures, memories make me extremely happy! Took this pic last night from my balcony

Cooking/food- I love food WOAIII!!! I LOVE FOOD!!! Cooking it, eating it, reading about it, taking pictures of it. learning different methods and intricate details about it! Sometimes I wish I was in Nigeria where I could plant my own herbs and spices!!! I plan on going to culinary school in the future.*fingers crossed* Cooked this last weekend


Music- I just like everybody else LOVES music! I love that music can make me happy when everything else seems to fail. It lets me escape to just me and my thoughts. i listen to every genre...Yes even country music! As long as it sounds good and I can move my body to it, I listen to it. My music library, well lets just say its HUGE!!! One of my Fave songs of all time!!!

Technology-CRACKBERRY,ITOUCH, LAPTOP,INTERNET,WII, These are some of my favourite things! iLove technology! #nuffsaid

Fashion/clothes- Fashion and art is something I am very interested in. I love to watch the trends. I dont think i can ever work in the industry but i am a huge fan of amazing designers like McQueen and Chloe and a lot of European designers that might not be as popular but stand out and are different. Chloe Fall 2009

Travelling- I love to travel. Thanks to my dad's job, I have been to almost every continent! I hope to go to the remaining two this year.. or maybe next *crossing fingers* Dubai..2001 or 2002..PLEASE DO NOT LAUGH AT ME!!!!!:(

Last but not least I love LIFE! Yes I try to celebrate my life everyday. Some days are harder than others, but i do try to be thankful for life. When days like April 22nd come and go with so much bad news, it reminds us as human beings why we should ALWAYS be thankful and learn to live your life to the fullest and like it is GOLDEN. RIP DA GRIN. I did not even know this man, but I shed enough tears yesterday and today. Words truly fail me with this one. Sun re o


And that is it guys!!! Ohh one thing came close as well
******Things that smell good- Candles,lotion,Perfume, MEN(LOL)

I tag MissFlyHigh, YNC-CHIC, MIZCHIF, AnyaPosh ANDREA Miss Enigmaand anyone else who has not done it yet!!!

I wrote this last night, but blogger wouldnt let me publish it!!! Right now I am at work finishing some work cos I just impulsed bought a ticket to go see my folks in a couple of hours..lol! I'll be MIA but.....
Have a blessed weekend everyone!!
Hugs and Kisses.


Myne Whitman said...

I love your list, and the pics, That of you with your family in 2001 was so cute, lol.

Life is meant to be loved and lived to the fullest. Have a safe trip and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care..

Jaycee said...

You go girl! I like your list: God, family, shoes, food, technology...ticking off the things I like too.

Vera Ezimora said...


I want them all.

yankeenaijababe said...

love your tag, we share a lot in common. I love your cooking, shoes, fashion and music. Do you like "Need you now " by Lady Antebellum, nice country song...nice tag. So I am tagged..hope you have a good Sunday.

TayneMent said...

blush blush...thanks for holding up to your tag.

onosetale(damsel) said...

nice list, cute picture too!

Ms.O said...

awww thanx guys!

@YNC- I do love that song as well!!!

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Love ur list and beautiful pic!!!!

Miss FlyHigh said...

Yay you tagged me first and I actually thought you would :)

we have a lot in common! I LOVE travelling.

Ms.O said...

BB-THanx love!

Missfly-LOL! hehe ok do yours!!!

Original Mgbeke said...

Choi, see that food. I'm starving girl, come and cook for me abeg.
Aniwooos pretty cool list. I heart shoes and traveling as well.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Love your list, love the pictures


Nice list... I better go do my own. lol

Chuka I said...

Interesting ....did you really take that pic?..its really nice

Ms.O said...

Mgbeks- I have been inviting you since! lol


@LDP- Thanx for stopping by

@Chu chu- My love! You came on ym blog! yay!

Anyaposh said...

i just saw i was tagged in this...lol, ok i will get to work on it, since i'm all pumped for blogging in 2011! :D