We Are everything from lovers to friends...and ViceVersa

My mind is in 5million directions right now. iFeel like pouring out. As usual you guys get to be a part of this fun fun fun experience. Are you excited now??? ya?? ya???? YES???...sigh OK fine! here we go!

Is it weird that my only goal in life is to be happy. OK so I am weird I have a timeline I work with in regards to my life and every yr I have accomplishments, goals etc to accomplish on it. The only constant in this timeline is happiness and it stretches from when I started this timeline to age 45 where it currently ends. I just want to be happy. All the time. I would never sacrifice my peace of mind for someone or something. E no too poss--not possible. That said I AM HAPPY!

Can you overdose on mangoes? Coz I bought a box of mangoes on Thursday last week.(COS IT WAS $1.89 FOR THE ENTIRE BOX!!!)Went away for the weekend and they where all ripe when I got back on Monday. I ate 4 in about 2hrs last night..THEY ARE SOO GOOD AND TASTY!

I learned what Okafor's Law meant recently..Oh God pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee don't ever make me be a victim of Okafor's law! #prayingfervently! Oh wait I already was??? #GOTTTDAMMIT!!!! #Kanyeshrug. (p.s. if you don't know, google is your friend)

I saw this tweet two days ago "Wait oh so all you girls that once you get boyfriends you forget who your REAL friends are, who would be there to comfort you when y'all breakup? #TRICKPLEASE" iDied of laugther! Oh how people forget..#sigh! (I really hope you guys don't breakup though)

My besties once told me: "Give me any two best friends who claim they are closer than close. I can make them dislike each other because you see girls are VERY fickle minded and would drop years of friendship for a man" I disagreed then. After recent happenings, not so much.....smh! P.S I heart the men in my life. They stay teaching me life lessons.

Delusions are a bad thing. I read some things and I go wow if only you know the real truth. Sadly I cant tell you, coz I am not that kind of person and you seem SO happy. Oh well living in a lie must be fun for some..yes? no? maybe? #Lohishrug

iCannot wait to be back in school in September! Ohh the joys of writing and reading and learning. I hate school. I don't know why I am so excited. I think its because I actually have a plan now. YIIPPPPIEEE!

iThink I met a good man. *fingers crossed* *knocks on wood not to jinx it* *smiles*

In twitter woes-news.

Am I the only person that gets irritated when people subliminal about their "HIM" or "HER'. No grown ass person should be putting their business out there on the inter webs for people who don't know you to see and then what be jealous? So we should tear our bra and use it as glasses? or jump from 3rd mainland bridge and die?(I always wanted to say that) hehe..Its just one of my pet peeves. I believe in discretion. HUGE ADVOCATE. PLEASE READ THIS BY MR. BEREOLAESQUE himself. #CHURCHHHHH

Gbaguan Mopol: absolutely needed. Did you guys go through "its" timeline to see the crime against the English language that where being committed? GOTTTDAMMIT! If these are the people that would be teaching our future children and are supposed to be the "leaders of tomorrow" then #NAIJAWEHAVEAPROBLEM!

Ok...I'm done!
Hugs and Kisses


neefemi said...
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neefemi said...

Amen to the good man...

Happiness is the only worthwhile goal in life if you ask me..

Don't agree with okafor's law, but thats cos i don't ever do seconds.

i disagree with the bf issue too, for one me and my bf have opposite tastes in men and she happens to be the only "bestie/bff/bestos" i can't keep up with the names men, i have. but i have heard that it does happen

isn't it an assumption on your part that the person is delusional? if the person really doesn't know the truth can you really blame them and wont that be more that the person is ignorant? - this is not meant to be insulting o, just being the devils advocate.

p.s i would want to know, even if the person is not close to me, i would want them to tell me, because i would want to see it from their viewpoint, as well have diff views of the same thing.

Goodluck with school as well, what are you going to be studying?

Blessing said...

lol @ So we should tear our bra and use it as glasses?....lmbo!!!

Happiness has always been my goal also!!! There's nothing wrong with that!

Amen...to finding a good man! Woohoooo! Wish u all da best!

LucidLilith said...

Ooooh gurl...am so excited for you. Soak it up. Enjoy it.

Myne Whitman said...

All the best for school. AND THE NEW MAN! :):)

Gbagaun mopol, on twitter? Maybe not..

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

*cough cough* New Man? I am interested in hot, steamy updates! Knocking on wood with u my booski, jst live in d moment and enjoy it!

U had me LMAO @ Okafor's law...#DEAD

Ahn ahn If I was in a bubble and cldn't see things as they were u wldn't snap me back to reality?? :(

GbagaunMoPol is def. needed...lol...and I'm gonna report u to 'it' for all ur gbagauns in this post.

I'll be in MD this weekend...when r u going?

Ms.O said...

@Neefemi- Amen and Amen! ..:)
Well I feel alot of people lie to themselves to create these lives they envision themselves living. Which is why I call it a delusion. The female intuition is no myth. We always know when something is up. but somehow the comfort and sometimes false happiness that comes with the lie makes people afraid to tell themselves the truth. At least thats how I see it. Which is also why I don't talk...Cos I believe we always know. At least I hope so.

@Blessing- Happiness is the biggest goal! and Amen to that!

@Lith- I am...I am..*blushes*

@Myne- Thank you! Umm he isn't my man yet sha...:) Yes you should totally check out its timeline..HILARIOUS!

@007- LOL I would tell you. You are my booski. Well depends on the situation...read my answer to Ms. Neefemi. I didn't Gabagaun!! *reads through post and edits* I wrote this at work! hehe!! We will gist this weekend..)
MD in September for me..:(

Tolu Akanni said...

interestin blog....#1st timer

That gbagaun police on twitter ehn?????!!

Anonymous said...

"iThink I met a good....." you have my go ahead.

Reverence said...

so i guess i am slow but what is gbagun?

yankeenaijababe said...

I am happy that you are happy, there's nothing that can compare to being happy with oneself

Excited to go back to school, aww maybe you are the second person am hearing it from this week, I hate school but sadly I will be going back next year or two.lol

Hang in tight, have a great Wednesday.

Ms.O said...

@Tolu- Thank you for coming by.

@Rethots- hehehe...well now that you have given me permission....

@Reverence-Gabgaun is the sound of the bell that they ring when a person speaks bad english...its a Nigerian thing..lol..I learned about it on twitter...

@YNC- Thank you sis! Have a good wednesday too!

Miss FlyHigh said...

hahahahah I love Lohi!!

I'm happy your going back to school because you have a plan! Vision is great and I pray it all goes well..


mizchif said...

Mai sister! Can I clap for you plix?
Too many truths in this post abeg.

I'm reminded of a line from Neyo's lie to me. "I don't wanna know what I know to be true, what I need you to do is tell me another lie.
I guess some peole need lies to survive.
And what you said about female intuition, too true. The day I ignore it would probably be the end for me. When I feel something is not right, it never is.

As for ppl on twitter subliminally tweeting any SOs without the @ .....hmmmm..... I can think of one particularly annoying culprit now. But like one of my sisters on twitter said they shd keep advertising so other people can get interested in their property.

Oh and I love my girlfriends and a few yes ago I'd have spat at anybody that as much as suggested man being a problem between us, but now let's just say e dey happen and I know better.

Gosh see how I just typed a whole epistle.
Take care babes xoxo

Anonymous said...

you know who this is....iDied!!!!!...ROTFLMAO...i just love how you can use ur blog to arrange some magas.....lol...that okafor law get k-leg oh...hmmmmm

Anyaposh said...

LOL>..means I have to go google up that okafor's law bit. I have no idea what it is.

As per, that good man; i'm so happy for you. I pray that he's good to you.

This post was full of all kinds of random tweeting lingo...darn! I have no idea what that hash sign is for...I guess, I gotta go googling a lot tonite!

Gnite amigas!

Ms.O said...

@MzFly- Aww thank you hunny! You helped me too! I'm excited!

@Mizchif--LOL!!! I love that you understand my delusions blurb..pls give me the gist about this your friend na...So I can laugh! Thanx for typing all of that..i laughed all through!

@Anon-Go and sleep this child!

@Anyaposh-LOL! pls let me know what you think about Okafor's law. Thank you! JOIN TWITTER BABES!! PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Dee from THAT GOOD GOOD BLOG said...

WOW! You are too funny :) I really enjoyed reading this, good luck in school! And good luck with the man *girl i'm over here knocking on my beside table for you lol!*

and no, you can never ever overdose on mangoes! :)

feel free to check out my blog!

Third World Profashional said...

I DETEST Gbagaun Mopol, unfollowed the dude after like an hour. Totally clogged up my TL with unfunny gbagauning. Babe please update your food blog, I've tried out a few of the recipes, looking forward to more.

Ms.O said...

@Dee-Thank you for coming by!

@TWP- Oops..I was hoping no one would notice,,hehehe... will update it this weekend! I promise!..:) I dont follow him...i only read the timeline once in a while.. great comic relief tho!...


Rita said...

Your mind sure was in 5 million directions :-)

You are so humourous...I like your ithink...I am waiting to hear more gist.

Your gist of mangoes is just making me hungry and think so many thoughts...yummy!

Rita said...

I just learnt Okafor's law from ur post...

Original Mgbeke said...

I like these randoms as usual. LOL 2 Okafor's law...I wonder who the Okafor guy is sef.
Aniwoos CO-SIGN to your sub tweets kini, like word!

Diamond said...

lol..wow men coming btwn friends is quite interesting..will dat be counted as love or wat?

Ms.O said...

@Rita- LOL! ya...okafors law...

@Mgbeks-LOL i wonder too..

@LOL Diamond help me ask them...especially when it is the man that is starting all the drama.

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