****THE MUSIC IS THIS WAY--------->

To find love, you've got to define love
Cos see the definition specifies
The destination of the search that lies ahead for eternity
The seed of love is birth when the soul
identifies the need for it
I've been in places so far from what I craved,
behaved in ways I scared true love away,
pretended I had figured it out,
when sincerely I was on the wrong ground.
heading for loneliness and second best alternatives
cheap substitutes for the real thing,
Love is hidden not so it cant be found,
but so it can be embellished.
Love doesn't want to be taken for granted
nor mistaken for the romantic notion
that it can be created or depicted by a rose.
Love is what it says it is,
not some teenage disease that communicates with a kiss.
Love is undeniably the daugther of truth and a brother to hope.
Loves deserves to be known.
but would only be introduced by and to no other
than the one who is willing to learn exactly what love is.
Love is committing suicide to your past
and letting the present breathe in you
so that chances and possibility
and loves purpose is assured to you.
love is letting go of second guess emotions
and trusting the wisdom of the heart
to lead with the fearful hands of time tell a different story.
love is smiling yet in the face of no,
believing when the right of reason,
and the melody of reality in cent to lose faith in the very moment
with sight translates to joy,
love is singing the same song to
The changing heartbeat becoming over familiar to your evolving reason
because the soul knows that entertaining the impossibility of the possible
open to the painful wound of doubt
which abuses the adulterated accuracy of love,
Love is talking not TELLING,
Love is listening not hearing.
Love is learning not knowing,
Love is being not feeling,
Love is all that it claims to be,
Love is who I live to be.
Love is everything to me

Someone asked me recently if I have ever been in love, and I had a hard time answering them because I really do not know what love is. I would like to think I was in love once upon a time, but when I sit down and think about it, I don't think that emotion, feeling, situation can be defined as love. For lack of better words, I would say it was more of caring (deeply),liking(deeply) or maybe even lust(?). This song is by Lami. It strives to give a concise definition of what love is. I don't know how accurate she is but she does bring up some very important/interesting emotions and thoughts. After listening to this song repeatedly(I have had the album since November), I don't know if I would ever feel this way about somebody. I am too pessimistic when it comes to the male species after seeing, reading and hearing and also experiencing too many horror stories. I just cannot bring myself to trust somebody with my heart this much. I never give 100% of myself because I don't think I can take a real heartbreak. Now don't get me wrong, I have also seen, read, heard and experienced the notion called love in different forms and it can be a beautiful thing between two people..sigh! I just don't think its for me...I don't even know why I wrote this post...oh well...

Have a fab week y'all
Hugs and Kisses

P.S The audio that plays is by Lami Phillips a very talented Nigerian singer/songwriter IMHO. I love her album called Intuition it can be purchased on

P.S.S This is not my Fave song on the album..iLike this one called 'You' though I thought it could've sounded better..:)

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P.s.s.s.s I prolly murdered some lines of this song! I tried joor some lines where to hard to understand..:(



neefemi said...

actually don 't really like the song, lol...but yea... for me is a decision to give my heart and of myself...understanding that it may not be returned....before now, even though i used the word a lot, cos i genuinely love people i meet (agape love and all)...i didn't understand the full i'm beginning i think when you do fall in love you will be able to define it :)

BBB said...

i have been in love
and its awesome
i dnt think i have explored it to its full potentials, but i like to think am getting there

i love this post

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Love is the greatest gift of all.

Myne Whitman said...

I like the spoken word medium and I listened to her as I read the lyrics you'd copied out. Love is so many things to so many people. It is indeed a way of life.

Fabulo-la said...

You know its funny I was thinking the exact same thing this afternoon. But the diff btw me and you is prolly that I did feel that love, and it was amazing.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances that transpired, I dont know if I will feel that again.

Kinda sad isnt it??

PS. I have ALWAYS wanted to ask...why the name of your blog???

Were u in an LDR when you started it?

Writefreak said...

Love is not just a feeling, it's a combination of a lot of things and to me the best definition of love yet is 1corinthians 13. Love involves risking your heart and eventually you might have a greater gain than the risk. I really do wish love on's wonderful to love and be loved! :-)

Ms.O said...

Neefemi- I do use the word, Becuase I do feel love for some people. but in the romantic context of it, I dont really think I can ever trust sombody that much to actually love them..becuase the first step of love in my opinion is trust. I might be just too pessimistic.

@BB- Good stuff to know you have been in love, How do you know it is love tho?

@Kabi-Osi- So they say..

Ms.O said...
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Ms.O said...

@Myne- I liked the spoken word too!

@FABS-Oh wow, what happened to you must have been really bad for it to have that much of an effect and I really do hope you have healed from it. Stop being a pessimist like me I was in and LDR when I started it.. chessy

@Writefreak- I love that scripture! I like what you said about risk. Maybe if i find the person who is worth it, I just might.

Rita said...

The words sure stir up alot of emotions and thots, though love is much more (as Writefreak implied)

Have a wonderful easter...

Ms.O said...

You too Rita! Happy easter!

daylight said...

wonderful material! talking about love never gets old. keep it up

Original Mgbeke said...

You could be my twin in this regard. I've never been in love and honestly don't feel comfortable with the idea of letting my guard down. Somewhere in my inner being, I'm convinced that the minute I do that, I'd be setting myself up for some major heart break. I admire people who can just throw caution to the wind and go with the flow.

Girlll, I was just on your food blog. Bia, imma need you to fedex me some food o. Haba! lol

Ms.O said...

@Daylight - Thank you for coming by..

@OM- Girl you can come over whenever I promise to cook for you..hehe! Regarding the love thing, I give up.. its not for me. This past week just assured me!

Tisha said...

I have been in love before when it comes to feelings.

When it comes to head knowledge, i have figured out Agape (This is what God feels for me and it is wonderful; it is also what i can offer to others not based on performance)

I have filial love figured out; i love my family in spite of what they do or don't do

I wish i had eros figured out. I have been dodging it all my life because i wanted to be safe but some things you can't run from.

Tis well, i can promise you that you will grow and become a better person if you respond right but only God can make guarantees.
His words are not lies or jokes or things He did not mean.