I am sure almost everyone has seen the famous lollyheart and Pwhales song "To My Haters" (or as they say "aters") and we have all laughed, cried or some like my Twibuddy @Kidkonnect made a reaction video! Which can be seenHERE.(view at your own risk..ROTFLMAO)I have come to realize that there has been such a sudden rise in the use of the words "haters" to the extent that I had to stop and ponder if I had haters of my own and if i did who where they and why did they hate me. Yes I understand that people would always talk about you(believe me I have had my fair share), I understand that people do not necessarily always want to see me succeed, I also understand that I do not even need to know these people for them to even "hate" but somehow everyone is claiming haters and shouting out haters or calling out haters. It feels like it is the new "in thing' to do.

Personally I think I am a very loving person. I am very friendly and approach-able. I am not a snub at all(well at least I don't think so) I am very humble(at least I think so) and I don't understand why I would be happy that people hate me. I really don't like to be someone people hate. I don't know why it is now an achievement to be hated. Everyday on my Twitter timeline, my facebook page even my BBM updates, I have people telling their haters to "continue hating you are my motivation" or "shout out to my haters.that's right i woke up today, y'all wont stop me".(LAWL)Constructive criticisms has also been coined into hating by everybody. I don't understand why if I tell my friend she looks horrible in blond hair becuase she is dark as night, she would reply with "you are just a hater"..errm Ok sure buddy! I guess with songs like "Good Morning haters" by Charmillionare, "hi haters" by Maino or even "hate on me" by Jill Scott, I guess I should start looking for my haters as well because maybe they are the motivation I need to succeed, Or I could just feed off the positive energy from my friends and family and have that extra push I need. I think I would stick to the latter something about positiity just seems fresh and right.

My name is Ms.O aka Lohi_O aka Ohita and I do not have haters!

I do believe there are some bitter people out there, but why feed off negative energy?

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Hugs and Kisses


Azazel said...

Lmao Ohita I laughed hard @ the one about the person who said they woke up today..
I loved this post though..

yankeenaijababe said...


I know you not a hater, just keeping it real...sucks that people think this way in this age and time. How you de?

Andrea said...

Hi hater..lol

neefemi said...

lmao....i just finished writing about this on my blog....great minds think alike....i'm with u, i could do without haters and things...thank u

http://myspiltink.blogspot.com said...
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http://myspiltink.blogspot.com said...

I love this because its true.. introspecting and really settling down to break the term apart is very key. Its also important to understand the difference between hating and constructive criticism. Hating is... bad belle. Simple. Bad Belle being when someone is not happy with your progress, your achievements, your skills, your personality what ever thats "good" about you.. and they go out of their way to either slow you down or stop you all together. Now... what is "good" for you? you're the judge of that. The example of the blonde hair black girl that you gave is typical... I mean I wont call that hating per say!... An example of hating is if you say.....hmn.. you win an award... public recognition for your achievement meaning OTHERS recognize what you've done o.. its not just in your mind... and you have one lousy friend saying the polls were rigged... or you slept with the judges... ya thats hating. Quite obviously. So I mean.... I personally wont say I have no haters, I encounter them... either they are bold enough not to hide it or God just shames the devil and shines light on their agendas.... Lol.. Yels!! There are MANY MANY of them like that...i wont even kid myself. so what do i do to my "haters"?? Ah we kill them with love... orrrrrr just ignore them...... Cant be wasting emotions on nonentities like em who dont add to your life right?

LucidLilith said...

"ate me all you won"

"disis wot ahaim"

That video should be taken down. It is giving us a worse name than terrorism.

Ms.O said...

@Azael..Hmm the things I have seen!! I am dumbfouned I saw this one after i posted tis "shoutout to my haters, I am on first name basis with a G4 Pilot" errrm ok...I was so confused!lol!

@YNC! I have missed you love! I am goo hun..Just working same ol same ol! How is you and the hubby?

@Andrea-I know you love me!

@Neefemi-OMG I just read your blogpost! I cant find your twitter handle!! Follow me!!! hahah at everyone an their grandma claiming haters though!

@Olaf- I totally understand you and agree with the fact that people would always hate. What I don't understand is why we give these so called haters attention. Like everyone now feels they have a hater that they have to shoutout every other day and that is not what bothers me. I am sure there are people that don't like me without even knowing me, but you don't even see me giving them the light of day. NOT WORTH IT!

@Lucid-hahahaha!! iLove lollyheart and Pwhales. I am their biggest fan!!!

leggy said...

this was my twitter status some time ago:"just wants to say that if u have to talk about how bad u are and how u got haters all the time on facebook, trust me you are LAME!!! UGH!!!!!".
i think people claim they have haters to stay relevant.my opinion!!
nice post.

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Snap...I have Haters!!!

mizchif said...

"hall u need his food, clothing and shelter!"

LMAO! the mere thot of that video has me in stitches.

I swear i am tired of how every sikira, Okon, Nkemjika & Morufu now have haters. Honestly some people need to realise they really are not that important. Now we will have all sorts of mediocrity and stupidness stuffed down our throats because we refuse to speak so as not to be called haters.

Hope you're good babe.

Ms.O said...

@Leggy that is so true, maybe their haters keep them feeling special..mscheww!

@Kabi Osi--awww sux :(

@Mizchif-I HAVE DIED!! OMG!! hahahahah @ the names!! sigh! I have given up on every body thinking they have haters..but they should be fine

Myne Whitman said...

This is just the post I needed to read. *Exhale*. Thanks for sharing love.

Ms.O said...

aww good stuff myne!

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Sting said...

For whatever reason as much as that term has been used and abused, i have never thot i had haters. Who has time to be hating on me and for what? I don't surround myself with a lot of unnecessary people so i guess that's why.

I do agree with u though, that term is overused and inappropriately too.

Fashinga said...

I love it!!! the post that is... I've never really thought about it from your perspective but it makes a lotta sense... There are really some people that just hate on other's though but lately,it's almost like people are beginning to call out for haters like it's a trend...

It's almost as if it's cool to have haters... That's what some girl's statuses on fb are always about...I think it's just a faster way to make more haters..lol!!!

Later luv!!

Ms.O said...


@Fashinga-lol for reals. I had to sit and wonder if that many people hated me and if it was a good thing..sigh!

thanx for coming by guys!