Happy Sunday!

I love Sunday's. This particular day just has a way of making me feel good about myself. I don't know is because of the Word I receive in church or the nice weather that always seems to come with this day, or the thought of cooking and eating well today, unlike most days when I am in a hurry to get out of the house and skip most meals! Today after church, I was thinking about what to cook and I remembered watching a Nigerian move last night called RELOADED- if you have not seen it, please do! kinda funny, not too long. good Naija movie sha- and saw jollof rice with fried meat and plantains! and I was like hmmmm YUMMMMMMMMM!!!! So I stopped by the grocery store got my sturvzzzz and went home to cook..and viola!!! it tasted so good!!! this pic does it no justice!!! AT ALL!!!! I love cooking! anyone who knows me well knows this. I cook when I am happy, sad, hungry, depressed, ecstatic. lol! I want to go into baking now tho. I find it very relaxing. I plan to try and bake something new very few weekends. Ill keep you guys updated on my cooking and baking ish. hope everyone has a fab week. Ohh and don't forget to vote and nominate people for NAIJA BLOGGERS AWARD! loves you guys!

p.s I tried to make the food look good, coz I wanted to take a pic for my blog!

p.s.s My plantains look dead cause, I got them last week and they where too ripe..oh well!! they still tasted good!

p.s.s.s I am addicted to the music on Doug's blog!

P.S.S.S.S Look forward to my first interview with a Canadian/Nigerian making an impact sometime this week..xoxo!


RocNaija said...

Looks good to me..!
But then that's the thing with guys that can't cook.. Everything looks good!
Goodluck with the interview..!!

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Good Naija Girl said...

Mmmm...my mouth is watering to be honest...I hope you have my portion somewhere! I've got plans to share my forays into cooking and baking soon too...maybe we can share recipes!

So you noticed that the weather's always lovely here on Sundays too? Even in the winter! It's so great!

Looking forward to reading your first interview!

Buttercup said...


why did i come here ooooo??????????

*takes deep breaths*

ok, im calm now..

im also looking forward to ur 1st interview!

Amina said...

Why did I come here?
I've been craving all day for some jollof rice and plantains and you even put a soda on the side!!!!
it looks soo yummy!

yankeenaijababe said...


I am so hungry right now and good luck with your interview. You know where to send YNC share of plantain and jollof rice. Am happy ur weekend was fabulous....my lucky winner.

Fashinga said...

Not Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so your plan is to make everybody's mouth water eh?? i cant remember the last time i ate a complete meal like that...
i'm trying to lose weight o!! so get thee behind me..lol

Later Babes!!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

you got the portion sizes right
africans we are famous for heaping up plates as if we are planning to feed an army for seven days

Rita said...

Wow, the first interview is on the way...Congrats

Hmmm, the meal looks so yummy

I like the way you take care of yourself on Sunday. Keep it up.

wordmerchant said...

no no no...why are you punishing me!!! i am on a diet... a plantain rice free diet........boohoooooooooo

it looks delish :)

doug said...

Looks really good. I actually thought you were eating out until I read the post.

Lol! I'm addicted to the music on my blog too. I have lots of others like that. Can share 'em if you want.

Looking forward to your interview!!!!

exschoolnerd said...

now i feel like some jollof rice and plantain..looks very yummy

Dabizniz said...

Looks cool but I ain't feeling the can of soda

LG said...

knock! knock!! Is d rice finished yet?? :-)

sleek said...

You making me really hungry, can I get some?

Kemberly said...

OMG! The presentation looks all fancy...I bet it tasted good too! You go girl! I'm totally the cooking/baking type too...I bake a cake every week to last me the week. Oh...and I've seen reloaded...great movie! It's scary how wicked Naija men can be...but they've met their match...cos' im HEARTLESS! Lol!