CanadiaNigerians Feature- Jeti Olafimihan

Hey guys this is the very first installment of CanadiaNigerians feature. The idea frist came to me when I was on Kemberely's blog and read her segement called women worth knowing. I was very impressed by it and thought about people I knew in Canada who where making a difference and wanted to showcase them. In this segment, I would be interviewing Jeti Olafimihan.

Jeti Olafimihan, a poet, a writer, an actress, a designer and a recent graduate from the Interactive Media Design program at Carleton University in Ottawa is the brains behind JeaOlaf designs.With the catch phrase, Erasing the line between imagination and reality,JeaOlaf designs has proven over the years to Be versatile, creative and relevant. Please enjoy this short interview with Jeti.

Ok so as we know you are the CEO of JeaOlaf designs what exactly does JeaOlaf offer?
Jeti-Presently JaeOlaf Designs provide multimedia designs contracts which involve graphic/web design, concept art for animation, video editing, etc.
The main focus currently though is graphic design.

That is very good, so why did you choose to go into graphic design, has it always been a part of you?
Jeti-design has always been a part of me. I happened to stumble into multimedia design. I had actually applied for architecture, but it was full! Story goes ,they looked at my portfolio and saw that I'd fit well into the new interactive multimedia design program at Carleton, So, I found my self there. I didn't really see how much it fit me and how well the program was literally designed for me until second year, but yea that's when I knew. i guess it had always been somewhere in me...(Laughs)

So what has been some of your influences into making some of the absolutely stunning designs you create.?

Jeti-Hmn, people first off, my family. They inspire me so much I feel uncomfortable, but at the same time they are my biggest and best critics, its all truth n love with em no gimmicks so... they bring out the best in me. My brother Komi, has a huge influence on me because of his focus and dedication...(laughs).. I want to be like him when i grow up! My eldest brother Kesi, hes like my manager,his foresight and eye for detail helps me out every time so they are my biggest influences. Other than them. Random People, The Internet, everywhere inspired me. You see new things everyday,no surprise that somethings just spark that motivation to do something good.
Where do u see Jeaolaf designs in the future?
Jeti-Expanding into worldwide design that's whats I'm looking for here...corporation?...!! I'd like to touch as many aspects of designs as I possibly can. Graphics, Animation, Fashion, Architecture, all the things i truly love.
that is great, what makes Jeaolaf designs different from other design companies
Jeti-the strive for difference. the hunger for perfection. It makes work ethics and the final product different. trust me.
thank you so much for your time and I wish you so well in all your future endeavours.
Jeti-Thank you.

For more information on JeaOlaf designs, she can be contacted on her Facebook Page
her website-
or her Blogspot-

I HOPE EVRYONE LIKES MY FIRST INTERVIEW, WATCH OUT FOR MORE AS THE MONTHS GO BY, Also sorry I didn't have this up earlier, my laptop died:(
have a fab week people, would be back!

xoxo Ms.O


Anonymous said...

i LIKE IT. I like her too. Gosh!

Good Naija Girl said...

You did great! I have so much respect and admiration for people with artistic and design skills! It always makes me want to go get a degree in design!

Buttercup said...

inspiring! i wish her all the best in her business.

well done Ms. O!

doug said...

Intriguing!!! Nice to hear naija people repping well like this. More power to your elbow miss. Great interview Ms.O

doug said...

Intriguing!!! Nice to hear naija people repping well like this. More power to your elbow miss. Great interview Ms.O

Original Mgbeke said...

Wow, Ms. O you are really going forward with your ideas. I loove that. Much props to you.
Big ups to this JeaOaf lady. Very nice interview...

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me next!!!!! me next!!!!!! :-)
lovl'y interview

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Hey where u at?

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innovative! thanku for reportin as canadian rep on ma blog lol i nid loads of email is holla me den we pick it up frm there

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ahhh..the talented miss olaf...gotta love her...

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Aww thaks a lot guys! More thanks to Ms.O! For the nice interview ad opportunity.


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Talented ms Jae... we all love her x