NEPA + more

Hello all, How's everyone doing? to my Canadian's how was your thanksgiving weekend? Well for me I had a little dinner at my house with friends I love and admire in one way or the other. It was good overall, good food, good friends, good laughs, Overall a great time.I woke up early today and walked over to my friends house coz I felt like taking a walk, after hanging out with her and thanking her for helping me make dinner on Sunday night, I walked back home. I get into my house and no sound. Yes my roommate isn't home but normally there is some sort of sound. I turn on the TV but nothing, I try to use the phone and there is no dial tone, I turn on the lights and NOTHING!!!. I screamed YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NEPA has reached Canada oooo!!! I call my apartment office to find out what is happening and they say some thing happened to the pipes and they had to turn of all electricity and blah blah and am like alright then. So I do dishes, clean everywhere, and there is nothing to do. Nothing is working, tried to use the battery life on my computer but the internet would not work coz there is no electricity. All of this made me realize how dependent we have become of electricity. It was quite amazing being without electricity for hours and trying to do anything without it. After a while my laptop died and I couldn't even continue typing my essay. I couldn't go on my school website to download my reading for my Thursday class, Everything was just not the same. When the lights came back on about 6hours later, I was very excited. I turned on the Tv and Called Hubby and was screaming. He thinks I am crazy anyways. lol Overall it was a fun day.

In other news so tonight i was watching this new show PRIVILEGED on the CW and guess what soundtrack I heard. No one knows by ASA. They used it at so many points in the show. I was like wow. I felt so proud. Like wow, a Nigerian artist is actually being recognized by the world. I love ASA. she was one of the first topics I discussed in this blog. Anyways I was awarded with the "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" Award by YankeeNaijaBabe and I am pleased to announce I am giving it to anyone who reads my blog, Because I really do love all blogs I read. I love reading. I spend ours on the internet reading about every and anything. So to my lovely readers, I do love your blogs keep the award it might be worth something someday. I am off to eat Plantain and Stew for dinner..xoxo


Abujamaiden said...

first! Heheh! Yea, the power went off at school (US) and some professors actually wanted to cancel classes.

My 3rd-world Nigerian 'candle carrying' self just laughed. My professor who is also from a developing country opened the blinds and in the 'darkness' we had calculus!


LG said...

impossicant :-)

eFJay said...

I knw what u mean abt being dependent on electricity. Glad u r doing great and u and boyfy sorted stuff out, even more glad that ur mum likes him. Hv a great week sweets.

Ef babe

Naija Idol said...

NEEEPA!!!!!!!!! its good u felt a lil bit of wat we go thro here in naija everyday. havent had light for 2weeks now. getting used to it by the day.

Rita said...

Would have said the same thing about Nepa in Canada..LOL...

aloted said...

men u r right o..once the power supply was cut here in the uk and i could not do anything! cuz everything works with electricity!

congrats on ur award..

yankeenaijababe said...

I can imagine how you felt, the same scenario occured in the United States some months ago when there was hurricane Katrina and all that stuff. It was awlful

America, Canada and Europe all function with electricity. Without it, Naija we

Hope you having a great weekend. O yeah, your thanksgiving was this week. You de enjoy o. Ours is something in November on the 27th and 28th.

Buttercup said...

Hehehe u r a clown o! LOL..

Its funny to see them freak out here when theres a power outage..its true, we really r dependent on electricity..

It feels good to know asa is recognized worldwide, shes soooooo talented..

Oooooo i want dodo!!!!

OluwaDee said...

How was your plantain and stew?

naijalines said...

I hope everything's going well for you now. Take care.

Sting said...

LOL @ nepa has reached canada o! Them dey see like that.

Smaragd said...

excuse u? i take offence! it's not NEPA it's PHCN! lol, it's like NEPA, only

good one for ASA.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Hmmm this NEPA in Yankee thing no be joke oh! Last Sunday I woke up to find out that there was no power in my entire apartment complex. I couldnt help but exclaim, "SCHEWWWWW NEPA DEY TAK LIGHT FOR YANKEE AGAIN!" Lolll
How r u my darling? Loving your playlist. I've missed you!

Ms.O said...

@ABJ madien-LOL dont mind them, thats how all the popel in ym apartment building where cursing..hw they will sue and like is it only sue..hiss

@Lg-Yesso..Cannot happen!!!

@efjay..thank u sweetie..hope ur good!!

@Aloted, We are all dependent huh?

@YNB- Girl trust me..the other day in my school and the computers where down. the amount of people that had to leave the library was soo funny..i guess we use too much electricty!!!

@Buttercup...come and eat the dodo...My address

@Oluwadee..ahhhh was tewww damn gooood!!!!

@Naijaline..Yes things are good...SCHOOL is trynna murder me..but God dey!!!..Thanks for checking up!!

@Sting..I wan fear ooo..but ahh was just for sum hrs..:) ma bad..PHCN!!..

@NDQ--lol thts wht happened man..AM good..real good.I see you appreciate music the same way I do..I dont think I can live with out music eh..How are you..:)

Anonymous said...

lol... nepa or phcn, i dnt think ders rili much of a difference

NEPA: Never Expect Power Always
PHCN: Please Hold Candle Nearby

I just love plantain!lol

Jaguda said...

up NEPA !!! i also love plantain and stew

bumight said...

NEPA reached yankee too, some few weeks back, the lights went off in my school, and the first thing I shouted was "NEPA!" ,my nigerian friends were just LOL-ing, and when the lights came back on after a couple of mins, i shouted "UP NEPA!"

uNWrItten* said...

wow they used ASA for real???..naija is moving up are you?

Anonymous said...

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