Back to School

Its that time for the year again when we head out to school. I start school on the 6th of September..(I think). And I want this year to Be different. In my three years at my UNI, I have come across very different people, I have done classes that I would not advise my enemies to take. I have gone for parties like they where going out of fashion. Have been involved in drama, Have represented my school in a huge way, I have made A WHOLE LOT of acquaintances, and very few real friends, I have passed some classes with flying colours, have done not so well in some even though I would have if i focused more, but I want this year to be different. I want to travel alot this year , No not to see hubby, but to other places. I want to volunteer in a developing country, for my spring break, I want to Make more real friends. I want to have one more Best friend. I want to meet the man I marry (kinda half accomplished,but you can never be too sure). I want to apply to law school, I want to grow as a person, intellectually, spiritually and mentally(I was gonna add physically but yea not possible,lol).

I have a year to accomplish all these things. Can I?...I think the answer is YES I CAN!!! I don't know why but I have become very focused these past couple of days. I lost track a while back due to some mishaps, But i am very happy to say I have found my way. I am still a little confused as to what I want to do exactly when I graduate. But because I have focus and I have God on My side am very sure everything would work out. I also don't know if I want to move back to my mums after graduation or if I should stay in my city. If I move to mums, Ill have free accommodation so I can save and buy my own house earlier and also the job market in this city is crazy. So it makes sense, but at the same time, I don't want to depend on them after I graduate.decision decisions. Also Hubby wants me to move to where he lives..hahahahaha...Umm i don't think so.. And am trying to use my head and not My heart right now. Anywayz..ill see how all of this turns out. I just want this new school year to bring about success in regards to what I will Be doing in the future. Ill keep you guys updated about how all of that happens. Till next time


NIGERIA HAS BEAT BELGIUM 4-1 TO QUALIFY FOR THE FINALS AND GOLD AT THE 2008 I exciteddddddddddddddddddddddddddd?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Nigeria hasnt gone this far since 1996!!!!! Like OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! I am too excited rght now for words!!! The game was tooooooooooooooo mad it was almost a 4-0 Victory!!!!! WE FLOGGED THEM BADLY!!!!!..ok am done!!!!
p.s I woke yp at 4am to watch this game!!!! therefore I am now realllllllllllllllly sleepyyyyyyyyyy at work!!!...pray for me!!!

he scored two goals!!!!!Chinedi Ogbuke Obasi

Ms O


OluwaDee said...

Wish u all the best in this new school year.

Saving is very important, so it won't be bad staying with your mum. Its not depending on her, its more of a wise move.

archiwiz said...


archiwiz said...

Have a great school year girl. I start next Monday.

Ahhh, since you're already calling him hubby then things are in the works now...Why the "but you can never be too sure"?

From all you've said, you're having a full life. A full life is necessary as you don't want to look back at any time and regret not doing this, going here or there, or befriending so-so person. I kinda decided to do that this year as well. Do personable, social things for myself this year...and I'm accomplishing it. :)
If you're able to stay with mumsy for a while and then buy a house, it would make sense to do that rather than renting an apartment and trying to save to buy a house at the same time.
So I pray the new school year brings success for you, and God will grant you favor, wisdom and guidance in all your dealings...AMEN!

isha said...

Have a great school year!
GO Super Eagles!

Mz. Dee said...

aww wish u a wonderful year!

n hope u accomplish all ur goalz. Itz my first tym here.. think i'm gna love ur blog!

naijalines said...

Have a great school year. Savings whereever one can is always a good idea:)

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Wishing you all the best in this School year. You are already in the right direction to achieving all you set out to speaking positively.

Ask God for wisdom in all you do. You're destined for great things.

First time here and I like your blog.

Anonymous said...

am proud of u on a major level o...eeooo...jus keep going with this steam and u will see ur plans through...

LG said...

Dearie, i wish u all d best o, n
i kno u ll achieve ur goals cos U CAN

take kia
*remember our date on sat at beijing o.

Ms.O said...

@ Oluwadee Thanx..yea I am really leaning on moving back to makes more sense..Ill only stay if i get a really good job..thanx deary

@ Archiwiz-lol I am a realist..I dont like to believe things Will happen until they actually have..Lol Thank you for the prayers sweetie!!

@ Isha..Thank you!!

@ Mz dee thanx oo!! Yea I think I was on your blog for the first time the other day too!!

@Naijalines Ill take your advice seen as ur a succesful Mummy!!!

@Rita-Thank you. I have this new postive outlook on life right now!!!

@Chari..aww ur proud of me..sniff sniff. I feel I have accomplished threm already self..hehe!!! Thanx Brova!!

@ Lg...AhhI am looking forward to that date like there is no tomorrow!!!! and Thank u!!!

Lady Koko said...

BEYBEY!!!!!! U NEED TO BE NOTIFYING ME EVERYTIME U UODATE OOO!!!!!!! i shud be number 1 naww,.....IN UR LIFE IN FACT!!!!!!!!!LOL(but really)


have even forgotten am leaving a comment on a i was sending u a personal msg!!!!! AINT SPOKE TO U IN 2 DAYS?.....WE MEET JAMM SOON OOO!!!!!!!

but in reference to this post.....I TRUST MA GIRL!!!!!!!!! U R GONNA BE JUSTTTTT FIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEE(as u always

P.S: ERM......1 more week?? yayyyyyyyy US!!!!!!!!!LOL


Buttercup said...

damn, i wish i had ur drive...

all the best sweetie, i know u'l achieve all u want to by Gods grace, amen!

n thanx sooo much for ur comments n advice n stuff..


Uzezi said...

wish u plenty and more and u will be able to accomplish all

princesa said...

You kept saying Hubby, u married?
Focus is very important in life.

TinTin said...

u can definitely do all those things...and this one that most bloggers are getting married or engaged!!! that proposal or husband cld be just around the corner!


up NIGERIA...i think were winning gold for sure!!!

Ms.O said...

KOKOLETTE!!! loool..I promise I will let u know soon times!!!!

Buttercup!! Aww thank U sweetie!! and ur welcome about the advice!!!

Uzezi...Thank u!!1

Princesa...No am not..but he calls me I call him

Tin not still a kid!!!! and yes we are going for the gold@!! UP NAIJA!!

Beyond said...

first time here..... really loving your blog.
Am glad naija is doing great... hopefully they will be able to get the gold ~ good luck with school.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Babes I started school last week... YAY for being seniors!! Im soooo tired already...have senior paper, the LSATs...just so dang much to think about. But we will finish strong!
Good luck as you start. I wish you the best year you've had thus far. Im also so happy that your thinking with your head..thats so hard to do

Nice guy said...

i can just feel the drive and motivation....yes u can!!

Tairebabs said...

I can sooo feel you on this whole school thing. Humm..this Nigeria/Olympics thing is something else o. Am so happy about it.