Hello all.unfortunately we did not win the Gold in the Olympics. Instead we got Silver which isn't half bad considering that the Nigerian government does not put anything whatsoever into our sports. I really really wish we had won the gold but oh well second is better than last innit(lol). We also played really really well!!! and are leaving the Olympics with three medals this year and I am great full to the athletes that represented our country!!

Also in other news, Barack Obama has chosen his Vice President for his future term. his name is Joe Biden. I really don't know much about him except he is a senator and he was also a running mate during the primaries. I hope he is a good choice. I will research about him tomorrow;) Good night y'all its just 12:39AM where I live!!!...and have a great weekend!!!


OluwaDee said...

Yep, 10k God we leave the Olympics with medals.
Am happy for the sports men and women who won these medals. It will be a personal achievement.

have a lovely weekend.

TY Tha Mos Magnificent said...

yep 2nd. As 9ice sang the most incredible out of naija. Our boyz didnt fail us. Obama has finally chosen now let the show go on the road

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

psst..naija vex me well well yesterday..we know how to play a good game but cant score for shit..
I was hoping for another 96 reenactment..

Buttercup said...

yea, it was upsettin that we ddnt win..oh well, we win some, we lose some..

i just heard bout the obama news minutes ago..i still cant blv obama is goin to rule that country!

Uzezi said...

im proud to be nigerian. despite the unconcern of our govt, the boys were determined. i love dem. God bless all those who represented us

good naija girl said...

A silver medal is nothing to sneeze at so me, I'm proud of Nigeria's athletes.

Have a restful weekend.

uNWrItten* said...

the team did really nothing do them..that lite skinned one is kinda cute too lol
i wish u could read the rest of ur blog but for some reason its all white....

Anonymous said...

yay for them....but let's get real people...I am usual not the cynic but I feel its a necessary evil in this case...we barely came off with 3 medals what happens in 2012 or 2016...what happens then? The sports like errpart of naij is on a steady downward slide...

LG said...

yeesoooo!!! 9ja rocks!!!
norrin do us!!!

*chari, comot 4 road jor!!

pinkyandbrain said...

Placing 2nd Wasnt Bad Considering We Conceded A Great Goal And We Shut The Dare-Devils(Messi & Aguiero) Out Of The Match..The Goal Scorer(Marie) Dude Had A Maverick Break To Nip That Goal In..And Over-all We Were The Better Side.Kudos Boys,Entire Team & Coach Siasia More Sweets To Your Sweeps & Lastly Appcreciation To All The Athletes That Participated Since Our Govt. Dont Give A Hoot But Recovering Laundered Funds And Re-Laundry it..Pheww No Place Like Naija!.

badderchic said...

proud of the silver, so very proud plus I was kinda hopin Barack's VP would be a chic

Nice guy said...

I think it was huge that Nigeria was in the the finals mehn and silver medal is not bad at all....Joe Biden didnt sound like a great pick at first but upon further review, i think Obama made a good choice and Biden just needs to watch his mouth

Lady Koko said...

MY LOVER I MISS YOU terribly.....feels like we aint spoken in months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
holla at ur girl oo..WE HAVE A SITUATION..

Naija Idol said...

OMG!! My hubby (1st pic). my heart is seriously melting. i love u baby!!

At least we got sumtin outta olympics. really wasnt expecting anything. didnt even watch it.

Dunno who this Joe Biden guy is.Hope Obama made the right choice.

Ms.O said...

@ Oluwadee...weedding in 5!!!

@ Ty-Yesso, Nigerians tried..we could be better but or now am happy!!1

@ Zephi-Lol trust me I was hoping
for it too, but oh well, we win some and lose some..:D

@ Buttercup, yes he is going to rule..hmm I wonder who is watching the convention..?

@ Uzezi, You get my point, I know the govt is very nonchalant. That is why I am very proud.

@ GNG, my weekend was great!!

@ Unwritten, the blpg is white..hmmm am thinking you just had to let it load.

@Chari..HATER OSHI!!1

@ LG- lol

@ Pinky and the brain.. that is exactly what I was trying to say. I was just so tired coz where i live it was like 3am, couldn't quite gather my thoughts!!

@ thought Barack would pick a woman(Hilary) nah..if he wants to win, he was very smart with his choice.

@ Nice guy, Yea i wasn't sure about the Biden pick, but I have researched him and I like him alot!

@ KOKO MI- lol...we spoke already!!!

@NaijaIdol..Lol Odemwinge used to be my crush when he first started playing for naija in 2004, I think I have moved on, so you can have him!!

princesa said...

Yes o!
Naija for life!!!(as if i can change my nationality,lol!)

kay-shawn said...

I'm just hoping that Obama will win the Presidency. May God help him.

Thanks for stopping by at mine

eFJay said...

Hey hw r u? jus checkin on u.
Btw, did nigeria only win 2 medals?

ef babe

AlooFar said...

At least we trai, abi?

naijalines said...

What a fine looking man Joe Biden is. Hope he is as good a person as he looks. If that's the case, it would be a good team up at the white house.