4 months

Firstly I want to say thank you to Nigerian dramaqueen http://nigeriandramaqueen.blogspot.com/ mentioning my blog on hers. It has made some people come here to read mine and I am really greatful for that.

well moving on... today I woke up and had this feeling of emptiness, you know, when you are so used to sleeping next to a person and cuddling and smelling them and all of a sudden you wake up and they are not there, I broke down for like 2mins(okay for reals maybe like 10mins..lol). I decided I was going to go and get a huge teddy bear and his cologne to help me sleep better.. I know that may sound sooo stupid but whatever jo!!!!...I am very mushy like that!!!

Well my exams are around right now and since I live in a different city from my mum, I would be going back home(Alberta) in about 3weeks for the summer and would not be able to go visit Mr NC for about 4months....Unless if by some miracle, my mum sees it fit for me to go spend a week in a man's house at the age of 20. That lives in a diferent country all together. This is very very unlikely.

At this point I am very sad about the whole situation, I have thought about just staying in my own city, take some summer classes and then go visit him whenever,but all of that is very unnecessary. So I would have to go like 4months without seeing him and just the thought of it, makes me cringe deep down in my stomach. I am scared that he might do something, even though I trust him alot. I am scared I might do something even though I love him with all my life. Time would tell if everything would remain rosy and beautiful as they are now. I really hope they do cause I just feel so good right now and I want to feel this way forever!!

Except for the not seeing each other for the next couple of months. The drama ( Oh yes there has been drama already) is coming to an end... gist for another day. And I am happy that I can now enjoy my man and not have to look over my back because some chic is trying to come and strangle me!!! Well I have to go back to studying.. F$%^&*g exams!!!!

Till next time...