2010 Its a wrap...well almost!

As usual I like to do a little roundup of the year in significant aspects of my life. You should too.

This year I became an official member of my church, I also became a teacher of the Children's ministry. I would say during some parts of the year, my walk with God was strengthened. Although there where days when it was definitely lacking. One thing I tried to do more this year was be thankful in ALL things. The good and the bad. I always thanked God. I felt very blessed this year. and again I am THANKFUL!

My siblings and I grew closer this year. I think the day we created our BBM group was the day everything changed for the better. It amazing how close we all are now thanks to a little device. My parents, God just continued to use them to bless me this year. I am so proud of them and I cant even start to mention all the testimonies in one post.Because for real its too much. P.S I officially became Canadian this year!

I think I lost one of my closest friends this year to a bad argument. I have never fought with a friend so I don't know what I am supposed to do. Overall I still have my close circle of trust peeps. I added a new person to the circle this yr too that I met of twitter. She is a really good person and has been there numerous times and hanging with her is a blast! I learned so many things about friendships this yr. You don't have to live in the same city with some people, for them to be your best friend. Also you cant force some friendships, sometimes they have lived their life span...

WOW..This was the year when hurricane Lohi blew into the world. Twas as if people who knew me before where afraid to tell me they liked me or maybe I just became pretty overnight *insert LOL here* I was a good girl this yr: Didn't increase my "body count"lol. Went on too many dates, met too many guys. Kissed a lot! hehe. I had an amazing year just being a single lady. Now its the end of the year and I would probably be in an official relationship in the next few weeks. Am I happy??? YES! is he great?? (which one???..LOL) YESSSSS! Do I believe I have found "the one" errrr I have NO CLUE! In retrospect I am happy for all my experiences in life so far! and I just LOVE being happy!

I paid off some debts this year. I am working on my down payment for my house. I need to own one in the next yr or two. I think sometimes I was careless with money(spontaneous trips and purchases) but overall I think I did a decent job saving and being responsible for myself

I am about to start a new job in the new year.*SOMEBODY SCREAM THANK YOU JESUS HERE* I am very excited with where it can take me. I am very grateful to God for this opportunity. Education wise, I should have been in school in the later part of the year, but I was too lazy. I also plan to be in school starting January or April. I am already working towards my empire. and I love it.. Keep the name Lohi Creations in your head.. its gonna be a TAKEOVER.

I stopped dieting and gyming. I just relaxed about it and made some lifestyle changes and I lost weight. I still don't drink pop, although I drink a little too much wine these days. I cooked more than I ate out. I only had my regular cramps and migraines and freaking HIVES.I blame #oneofmyfollowers for this..smh!..hopefully 2011 is better! Team size 4! If Jhud can do it, so can I! #GBAM!

I took too many trips this year! I think that's where most of my money (I could have been saving) went! but I would not change anything in the world for the fun and experiences I had! I shall now try to remember all the places I went to. Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton,Calgary,Windsor, Detroit,New York-New Jersey,San-Diego,Mexico,Los Angeles, Banff,Edmonton,Baltimore(DMV. After this yr. I only have one more continent to visit..Australia..ohh and Antarctica...RME!I had too much fun on my trips! Next yr's lineup is already looking too mad!

My continuous addiction to the Internet increased as usual. I also became addicted to photography. I became addicted to recipes and learning about the roots of foods and herbs. I became even more attached to my phone (#teamBB) I became addicted to making happiness my only goal in life. I became addicted to traveling, I cannot wait to start making eough money so I can ravel like every two weeks.

Overall it was an AMAZING YEAR! my most carefree year so far. If everything goes according to HIS will,. I would have a new job, new man and new car in the first few months of 2011. I am happier than I can ever remember. I pray God continues to give me happiness and I pray I continue to grow as I discover my purpose within Him

Here is a toast to a good 2010...2011 LEHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

2011 Motto: #EverlastingJoy!

Happy New year BlogFam!!!

Hugs and Kisses


Blessing said...

Awww...you had an amazing 2010 indeed! GO GIRRRLLLL!

Yay to the new man, job and car!!! wohooooo....happy for you boo!

I pray that 2011 brings you more joy, success, and peace! Take care and happy new year in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yay for you!
All New everything! :)

DarLyn said...

Wow, it already sounds like a really great year for you. I wish you much more than you have already imagined.

Happy New Year!

Shona Vixen said...

Happy New Year girlie!!!

Dee O. said...

You are too funny!!! You had me ROLLLLING while I was reading the "Relationship" section, you sound just like me! hahaaa :) Happy New Year to you, I hope 2011 is all that you want it to be!


AlooFar said...

Happy New Year.

Funms-the rebirth said...

Here's to a new year filed with more love and happiness.....xx

Ms.O said...

Thank you guys!!! Wishing you all the same blessings and more!

wellsbaba said...

guess what? im back to blogging loool babe u had a swell year o! wish i had as much fun i made many more mistakes

wellsbaba said...

btw its wellsbaba.blogspot.com

Ms.O said...

Wells!!!!!! Happy new yr!!!

sssdawna said...

you had a great 2010, keep us posted on 2011!! : )

Anonymous said...

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