Light Skinned

This is a rant....if you take offence easily, please exit this page now. Thank You.

OK so I am light skinned(for those of you who do not know). I have been this way since I was born..duh!..and up until I moved to Canada like 6yrs ago. I did not know that being light skinned was a "big deal" or seen as an "easier" way to achieve success. This rant is because I am sick and tired of all the light skinned hate/bashing. I was born light skinned. God made me that way. I did not go to him and beg and say "OHH LORDDDDDDDDDDD PLS MAKE ME LIGHT SKINNED So that I would be able to go through life "easier". I did not gravel and complain and tell God that if he did not make me light skinned I would not go to earth(LOL..that imagery just made me laugh). NO. God on his own made me light skinned. So I am SICK AND TIRED of all the crap I hear when it comes to light skinned people. It is so irritating to see people act like the reason I get some things in life is because I am light skinned. GTFOH!!!!!!!! do you know how hard I work because I am a pretty light skinned woman? Do you know what it takes for someone to take me seriously? that I am not another pretty face with an air head? No you don't. Now there are some people that believe light skinned is better and they will be very sufficeint but I do not think I am better than anyone. People now think saying they prefer dark skinned chic's makes them a better person.. #NEGROPLEASE. its all about preference. People complain when a celeb uses light skinned girls in his videos??? Like what aren't we human beings??? What if no dark skinned girls came for the audition? Did some of you think about that through your heads? I am just tired of light skinned people always being beat down, like we BEGGED to be light skinned, and as if we don't have to work for anything. Some idiot even told me the other day that most light skinned girls are not even pretty. That just because we are light skinned we get this 'pass' ...*ROLLING MY FECKING EYES*


p.s I am really happy though! LIKE CLOUD 9 STUFF
P.S.S I get to have indomie soon! *bbm dancing emotion*
p.s.s iShould do a post about my new house...hmmmmm
p.s.s.s I know there are some stupid people out there that take the whole light skinned thing too far. I was just upset joor.

Hugs & Kisses


LucidLilith said...

Em...I really don't know if there are those that people. Black is black. You get no exemption for being a few shades lighter than the average black. I guess this goes back to the old brown paperbag rule that college campuses used ...

You probably know who... said...

err... we like you the way you are joor...

braids said...

ermmm I like your confidence

" I am a pretty light-skinned black woman" but...

What LucidLilth said.
You may have a few peferences, take me for example I prefer really dark men (think of Djimon Housou) but black is black.

yankeenaijababe said...

don't even let anything mess your day,you can't change your complexion, light or dark, this debate is always going on, ignore them haters and gist me of your new house, waiting for gist girl. Hugs!

chinny booskie looskie vooskie said...

Mshteeeeeeeew dry girl! biko go n sleep! ur not lighhtskinned, ur white! being mean is not ur thing o jare.... *yawn*

mizchif said...

I know you are being serious, so why am i laughing?
You really don't seem to have the capacity to be mean sha. Please whoever is vexing the lovely yellow Ms O should #stopit!
Oh what if i tell you i came to #gbagaun you here?

Miss FlyHigh said...

heheheheh @ Chinny ur too crazy sweetie

ummm Lohi hunny ...your lovely as you are my dear. I Re tweeted a lightskin comment on twitter actually. the person said we should go and use lightening cream. I was like HUH?

It's only Naijas that do that 'light skin' thing in my opinion and it's only in certain industries too because they feel 'light skin' sells.

anyways don't try and be a b***h it is NOT YOU . Neither are you a meanie. Your to sweet jo. Don't let circumstances alter your attitude but rather let your attitude change your circumstances.

luv ya honey.

Nice Anon said...

lol@ the beef.
Abeg make dem go sleep.

Anonymous said...

Abi, make all of them SITTDOWN. I am light skinned by birth (yes,someone said are you light skinned by birth or bottle). The craze of LS is a Naija, Indian and western thing. I like to blame the west for it lol.
I always want to gut punch people when they ask (usually Naija people), if I am really from Naija because I have long hair and I am light skinned, I insulted a particular man because he is a grown up that doesn't get that Africans come in all shades, and that does not include those from mixed races.
Anyway, I understand your anger but there are really some ignorant people out there who believe "bright" is better or shunning "bright" makes you more enlightened (in the embracing African roots sense).
The selection for the rap videos are done on purpose though.

Dee O. said...

I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said Ms.O....I am so sick of all this brown skinned chicks are better than light skinned chicks/light skinned chicks are better than brown skinned chicks nonsense! At the end of the day we are all BLACK and we are all BEAUTIFUL! It doesn't matter if you a peanut buttery complexion or are as black as 100% pure dark chocolate, beauty comes in SHADES people, no shade is more beautiful than the other! And what you said about guys thinking it makes them better people if they like darker skinned girls...all I got to say to them is GO THE F*** TO HELL. What, so they think they are martyring themselves by being with a dark skinned girl?! They should be on their knees, praising ANYONE woman who is with them! Geez, I really can't take the nonsense anymore, it irks my soul to no end! Thank you for this post, helped my diffuse some of the pressure in my heart on this very same topic :)

Ms.O said...

@Lucid- There are people that think lightskinned is better..and those people will be very ok..kmt! But why i gotta take slack for all of that..:(

@hehe.Yes i so..aww thankiess..hugsss!!

@Braids- Tell them oo..BLACK IS BLACK!

@YNC- Hahah thank you sis! YAY new post soon!

@Chinny- GO AND JUMP!! LOL! I can be mean o..why dont you believe me!!!!

@Mizchif- You came to #gbaguan me!! HAHAHAHA! Ohhh i am going to be eman to you soon!..LOL!

@lnq-Aww fine...*RME's* I wont be you sweetie!


@ANON- EXACTLY! Yes the rap videos part might be true, but it so does not apply to my everyday life. YAY #TEAMLIGHTSKINNEDNATION

@DEEO- I like you already!!!! I am just tired of the debates and arguments and all the bashing and put downs!!! haha.. glad I could give you a venting board hun!!!

thanks guys!

Anyaposh said...

LOL...someone made ms. o irate! hahaha...this complexion debate is so unfortunate but you're right, I never really noticed it growing up in naija until I came to this society. In the end, we're all people. Some people will feel good about themselves for different reasons, if it's their skin-tone, the money in their bank account, they're degrees, or whatever. I believe as long as those things don't define you or they don't make you think you're better than everyone one else, then it's fine. But as soon as any sense of pride comes into the picture - the game is over!

Ok, now i'm done my own rant. Please tell me more about your house. Y'know i'm in the apartment-hunting business too now. And by the way, thanks for your comment about good areas to live in. I hope to hear more soon!!

Myne Whitman said...

I've not seen you ranting like this before but still you're no meanie, lol. Leave those people and give us better gist jare.

Anoda Phase said...

lol...sorry i'm laffing...I feel ur's just that the gist is quite funny...good u let out the steam u feel betta.

Nonso said...

You have every right to be indignant about people saying that 'beauty' or 'skin color' is your reason for success, and not the fact that you work hard.

one of such things I've heard is - lightness of skin makes ugly girls less ugly.

Taciturn Turned Talkative

Funms-the rebirth said...


I know its a rant but i can't help but laugh cuz i feel your pain...i am not light skinned, (well i think i used to be till Naija sun dealt with me) but i ttoally get where u are coming from

Pele, dont let it get to you. Just keep working hard and living your life

LG said...

babe who dey vex u??

Fabulo-la said...

oya breathe ouuuuuuuuuuuuuut!
Ohita who de vex you o???

Ms.O said...

@Anya...yes someone made me irate! lol.. You are welcome about the house stuff!

@Myne- HAHA.. I know being mean isnt my thing..but somethimes you know....sigh! How was your vancouver trip?

@AnodaPhase- Lol its ok! hehe glad i could provide a laugh...Thanks for coming by

@Nonso-I know right...I have ehard that too. Oh well if they feel that way, too bad! thanks for coming by

@Funms- AHhhh Funms you are laughing at me too.. is it becuase I am light skinned...LOL! thanx for coming by!!

@LG- Its some olowdow on twitter oo...kmt! LOL I feel better now. Loves it!

@FABS- Yay Fabs! I am breathing!! hehehe..I am not vexed again sha!


TayneMent said...

I am lol'ing at everyone laughing at you for attempting to be "mean"

Seshe James said...

Doesn't matter if you black or

Ms.O said...

Taynement- and you joined them to laugh!..:( lol its all good. I guess I really am a good person.

@Seshe- Thank you for coming by! I went on you blog, good stuff you have there. And yes it dont matter.:)

Anonymous said...

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Chic Therapy said...

I can imagine your annoyance when people open their mouths and say such crap.Frankly speaking i am tired of this whole light/dark skinned crap.I am dark but my mother is light skinned with long hair. Growing up, i hrd all sort of comments "are you sure she is your mother", "why are you black and your mother is light", "your mother is fine o where did you drop from"...People need to shut the hell up and let people with their different shades of color live their lives said...

@NORMAN #isthiswhywearehere lol!

Anonymous said...

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