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Hello Twam, lol Yes I have also been infected by twilingo.. Its so sad! I love twitter though! if you are on it, follow me. http://twitter.com/Lohi_O Anyways this is gonna be a very very random post. broken into parts

Firstly, we finally have a president, after almost 3months of Yaradua"being absent" on health related issues, Vice president Jonathan Good luck was appointed president on 02/10/2010. Maybe the new presidents name would bring us some luck... cos we need it badly!

In relation to Nigerians. So DC/MD based American-Nigerian artist Wale dropped a video for two of he's singles this week. And my twitter timeline, my facebook Updates, even blogger had all these folks screaming and shouting bout how great Wale is because he was repping Naija to the fullest and blah blah in the video/song. Well I beg to differ Mr Oluwale was on 106&park that night and premiered only he's Pretty girls video on there. however later that night @8ish via twitter, he did an online premiere for My sweetie. Now I am not mad at him for choosing one over the other(money maker over personal choice)but I am pissed at all the praise a very mediocre video if i might add is getting from the Nigerian community (at least online). I visit www.notjustok.com everyday right before I go to bed(weird) and you need to read some comments to understand were I am coming from.The venom and hatred with which some people on that site criticize Nigerian videos and music et el, is amazing. They forget to understand that Nigerian music and video's are done by novice's, with less opportunities and equipments available to them compared to alot of this yankee acts. But these same people were so quick to give Wale praise for he's fake ass video.. is it because he has been "endorsed" by the American crowd.. #EFFOUTTAHEREWITHTHAT!

also in relation to the maga no need pay video. (Yes I have to write my own two cents)I cant believe different people are trying to even justify 419 in this day and age. Please if you haven't, go on www.notjustok.com and read the comments under that video, and you would weep for Nigeria. If my generation is still thinking that way. writing things like "life is hard back home" and "do you know if these boys have tried looking for a job" as enough excuses to go into 419? then we have a very very long way to go. The day I read the comments I cried and officially gave up on Nigeria.

Sad News today The most amazing designer(IMHO)died today. (iLove twitter, with its up to the minute news.) I was very very sad. Its amazing how alot of very creative minds are always very troubled. I read he's mum passed away as well last week, so he was going through depression... Its a very sad day in the Fashion world.

In other fashion News, Fashion week New York kicks off this week! WOOHOOO! I cannot wait to see all the very fabulous dresses and shoes. Designers/shows I am looking forward to-> Arise Africa(all the African designers show here), Carolina Herrera, Nico0le Miller,MONIQUE LHUILLIER,DIANE VON FURSTENBERG ....and many more.. I really wish I could go to New York for fashion week..sigh..ONE DAY!!!

In my life news. I finally got my DSLR! NIKON D3000!!! I am so excited, been reading and practicing all week! I love it! love love love it!.. Will be introducing you guys to my company soon. Keep your ears open!

I was bugged(cc @ms_lnq...lol) that I had not updated in a while.. I write alot.. most times though its things I cannot publish. My blog is like a diary to me. Will be doing a picture post next. I have a photography job already! Yep God is Good!

P.S I update my food blog more often. Please add it to your blogrolls!!

p.s.s Happy Valentines day to all my lovers out there. I will be going to church and spending time with My girlie this year. Love is a good thing no matter what kind it is... I don't know why some people hate this day!.

p.s.s Don't miss Vera's show on Saturday's. It always a good time!

p.s.s.s I love you all!



Jaycee said...

I would think people would be happy about the Maga No need Pay video, rather than try to justify 419. Hss!

Oh Lord, please change this Country. This is really beyond my comprehension!

Myne Whitman said...

I was almost thinking you had stopped blogging! Missed you sha and I think you've changed your template. How are you though?

Nigeria is on another level now, I no fit shout!

Rene said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you

sweetandsensible :) said...

As a mostly silent reader......i just wanted to say....dont be sad, dont give up on Nigeria.....i read a book about 419, the origins et al....sometimes you cannot understand the desperation that drives the so called yahoo boys...not all....and im not justifying....but you must realize that poverty can be a huge 'virtue' breaker so when people say things like oh life is hard etc..i dont justify bu.........our generation can change once we put the wheels in motion for society in general to change....are we a product of our society or is our society a product of us???..dont give up on Las Gidi :) if you dont care who will??....sorry for the long comment :)

Azazel said...

Gonna go watch those vids right now.. Didn't know about all this, been to busy to update music for a long time now....

Omotee! said...

yeah, Jonny Boy's Goodluck will affect us hopefully.

happy vals day

AlooFar said...

I agree with you on the Maga No Need Pay@ say. We've got to change the way we think.

~Sirius~ said...

it not opening!!!!
The food blog :-(

As per the music thing, I feel your pain jare.

Happy vals Day! and see ya on twitter.

Pls modify your food blog link.

Ms.O said...

Jaycee- I so feel you.. I had a huge writeup about it, didnt want the focus of the blog post to be on it.. i will publish it on a nother website soon..Very disgusted

-Myne- How can I stop blogging! Never..Yes I changed the template, The oher one I was using was deleted from the internet. So I had to change it. Nigeria.. I give up...

-Happy Vals day Rene

-SweetandSensible- I enjoyed your comment. Ihave been an advocate for Nigeria in the past. When people put her down, I was there with knowledgeable reubbutals. In recent times however, I just cant. I still have a small amount of hope with the new President.. Hopefully we see visible changes.

-Azazel- Come back and comment. once you read it!

-Omotee- Happy vals day hun!

-Aloofar!!! Its been so long! Yes re:Maga no need pay... I give up!

-Sirius.. Oh wow! sowwy! I fixed it..Ok try again! See ya on twirra!

neefemi said...

Thats exactly what i said in my opinion pretty Girls video was so much better than Sweetie, whether or not it didn't have enough black girls for them is their problem....nways enjoy your weekend and notjustok.com is not for me, too much headache abeg

Anyaposh said...

awwww i love you too, you're always such a sweetheart. have a happy valentine's day hun.

seye said...

Hey! I just added you on twitter. Accept o!

LusciousRon said...

Hope we see light some day. Disillusioned youths are not a future to look forward to.

Vivian said...

Yay for a new camera ...that should be really cool..hopefully this year I can get a more professional camera to take photos...oh and Happy valentines day to you as well!

Ms.O said...

@Neefemi- Lol i hated both videos!

@AnyaPosh- Omg I love you babes! Hope your week and weekend was fun..wink wink!

@seye- i did!!

@LusciousRon-I know, That is the most heart breaking part!

@Vivian-Ohh I love your blog! yes you so should get a professional camera! The pictures are 10x better!

LucidLilith said...

Just wanted to leave a few more twitter lingo for you:

Twangle: to strangle annoying tweeters
Twit-slaughter: a group of tweeters who mount a twitter assault on an individual
Tweckle: to heckle a tweeter

he he he...i love web geeks!

Ms.O said...

@LucidLilith- hahahaha!!! iLove it!

Anonymous said...

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