2009...Where did it go?

hey guys, Like I promised I am doing my roundup post for 2009, a'la @juicegal. Very refereshing to do. Well here we go!


This year I grew in my faith. I became stronger and more committed to the lord. I renewed myself in front of God and wholeheartedly gave myself to him and I have never been happier. I found a church that I fitted into perfectly. Were I was eager to go and learn about God. I went for bible studies, youth Friday's, women's fellowships gospel concerts and more!. I am very happy about my walk with God this year. There were times when obviously i was wavering but with Him on my side, I remembered that I could go through anything. HE IS MY ROCK! If I cannot be proud of anything else this year, this aspect of my life has improved drastically and I am really and truly happy.

This year was great. My sister got married. my little brother finally figured out his life path/calling. My parents celebrated 25years in their marriage!!! YAY!!!. And my relationship with my parents became really mature. I can now talk to my mummy about anything (not that I couldn't before) but now its just so much easier. She refers to my new "toaster" as flower boy. hilarious stuff!.

I still have my 4 main girls. I have gained more friends this year. Through blogger, twitter and even facebook! I have meet new people through work and overall it has been a good year of expanding my circles. I have truly come to understand the meaning of friendships because my friends and I are just recent grads and are finding ourselves scattered all around the country/world. the real friends are the ones I endeavor to stay in touch with and who in turn come into town for my birthday! I Loves my main peoples. Did I Lose some friends? maybe, I don't really think so. I was never the huge entourage kinda person.

This was hard for me! I started working full time in MAY,and wow it has been hard becoming dependent on MY own money. I have curbed my shopaholic ways and I spend more wisely now. I am trying to pay off all debts, while Also saving a little and investing a little. My dad is so proud of me(more because I don't have to always call him anymore for money..lol) these days when it comes to money. Overall good job to me!

Education/career path.
This year I finished my undergrad, but I am so not excited about my degree. Its one of those things I regret. I wish I switched it earlier, but instead of crying over spilt milk, I am probably going back to school in 2010 to do something I love! I actually cannot wait. This would put me in the field I want to be in for my move to Naija(hopefully). Career, so far so good. I am enjoying the experience were I am. So all is not lost right now.

This was major in 2009. I have never been so emotionally involved with a person like wow. So when it ended, it ended with a bang, and I came crashing down! But not for too long! I got up dusted my self and whammmmm!! BACK BIGGER AND BETTER! lol. I learned so much about my self from my last relationship, learned how to be committed to one person, learned how to listen, learned how to share, learned how to call(if you know me you know this is a very very very weak point). Right now, I am having fun, loving all the attention all over again! getting flowers, going to dinners. its just amazing. I am not looking for anything serious, but there is a handful of potentials1*wink wink1 Maybe I'll settle down in 2010. sigh!(if you read this, yes you are not special. hahahahaha).

Health wise, it was a tricky year. I got a gym membership used it properly for a couple of months,then started slacking for the past 2 months or so. Ran along the sea front by my new place, I became addicted to painkillers because I went off the pill,Going back on in the new year..these cramps will not kill me!) Now on iron pills and vitamins, as my red blood cells are low. But all in all it was a good year health wise. I now watch what I eat. I don't drink pop, don't eat junk or fast food you know them M.C. DONALD'S type(inside joke for my verastic show folks) I am careful about what I buy to cook, I just generally became more healthy!

The Internet,shoes and my Crackberry- If you take these things away from me, I might have a mental breakdown. My BB is stuck to my hand. I am so rude with it too, use it during dinner, at dates, at church, everywhere..:( I need to end this addiction now! My love with the Internet just increased. I joined twitter yay! (follow me!). Blogging still remains my first love, if only you guys know how many posts I have that are not published. Kicked the shopping addicted, the TV addiction and the partying addiction!

OK this was so long guys! but it was a good exercise. I am very happy with the way this year turned out. I will be back with my last Thankful post. See you guys soon!



Mr.Funnyhoneymoney said...


Fabulo-la said...

A lot of growth this year for you...Amen to that

Myne Whitman said...

This year has been good for you and I'm glad. I hope next year is even better, all the best girl.

And Merry Christmas!

Nice Anon said...

A lot of positive things for you this year. Many more in this coming year! Amin!

Happy holidays

Ms.O said...

Mr funny- hehe first and you ran away!1 tsk tsk!

Fabulola- yep alot my dear

Myne- AMEN!!! happy holidays too!

NA- thanx babe! same to you!

Azazel said...

Lol nice nice big sis

mizchif said...

I just came to say it is EM CEE DONALD! M.S doesn't get the feeling across!

I' def with u on the internet & crackberry addiction, but i ain't going to no rehab NO, NO, NO!

Your 2009 was definitely a very good yr. ALl the best in 2010.

My World said...

I see you beat me to doing same as juicegal but all the same,you had a wonderful year I see.
Here's to more in the coming year.
Merry Xmsa!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!!! I didn't know you were makign new entries, I saw April 17, 2009 in each post and quickly dismissed it! But yes, I feel you. I definately feel you!

Ms.O said...

AZAEL- Thank baby bro!

Mizchif- yep it was a good year. LAWL @ em cee.. lmao! I love funmie!

@My world- yes it is very good and theraputic

@NF- thanx girl! Yep dunno what wrong with the date thing. I have tried to fix it to no availl..:(

Original Mgbeke said...

I love reading everyone's recap. Glad to know you got strong in your faith, that is definitely what is up.
I need to curb my soda habit sha o, I can't resist a can of coke.

Happy 2010 in advance honey.

juiceegal said...

I just realised i've not been folloing ur blog, stumbled across it by luck. I love ur stock taking post, seems like a lot of good things happened to you this year, i'm happy for you. Ihope 2010 is a better year for you.

Ms.O said...

@OM aww my love thanks! The soda thign was kinda easy. Just remind youself everytime of how bad it is.. you would easily stop!

@Juice- Thanx for stopping by babe! happy new yr!

Favoured Girl said...

Great post girl! It sounds like you had a really great 2009! Here's wishing you a better 2010 with many more reasons to smile and be thankful!

Ms.O said...

thank you love! Happy New yr!