The Dilema of a Face-Book

This would probably be a very disjointed post. I have no idea what I am going to write about...I was going to do a post about hair, but I changed my mind, then I was going to do one about friendships, but I changed my mind. I was then going to talk about school but meh! I dont feel like it so WHAT TO SAY..Hmmm.

I just finished reading Half of a Yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I was very impressed with the book overall, although I do have my criticisms. It was a very good insight into understanding from a human perspective what the Biafran war was about and how it affected the lives of the Igbo people. I enjoyed reading this book and could only keep it down when I had to do other things. So far since school ended in April I have read three books, recommendations are welcomed.

Yesterday was the final match in the UEFA champions league and to say my facebook was bombarded by the highlights of this game would be an understatement. I was at work and couldn't watch the game but trust me. I knew when Messi scored, I knew when Man-U had a goal on post but missed, I felt I was at the game itself!! Facebook has led me to cut off my cable. I get better highlights from peoples facebook status messages than from other sources..lool! I don't have to watch TV anymore. EVERYTHING IS ON THERE!

I have a dilemma you guys. So the weekend of June 12-14 is packed with all these events that I have no idea how I am going to attend all. Firstly on the Thursday my church Rhema Ministries Ottawa, is having a two day conference(Thursday/Friday) with Rev Paula White and Bishop Eddie long(google them!) I am so excited for this conference! but get this, That same weekend Rev E.A. Adeboye is coming to Toronto on the Friday night! and on that same Friday night, 9ice has a concert! and Saturday there is an M.I concert in Toronto! I want to go for all these events, Please someone help me plan an itinerary

I think I have rambled long enough! Ill be back with a proper post soon!
Loves you guys

I love the title of this post mayne! I am teww damn creative.. lol!
Ms. O
OH and Lady Koko is fine, She is just really busy with finals. She sends her love!


naija shawty said...

first baby

Anonymous said...

M.I has a concert on both friday and saturday

naija shawty said...

i will say go to Toronto cos u will hear from a man of God, and possibly hit the concert also.
if MI will be there, my shadow will got to Toronto before my own self.

Yeah, i learnt of the match details thru my friends' fcbook stats. i am not a soccer fan sef.

Ms.O said...

Anon-I know that but with the way its looking, I can only be oin toronto for saturday!

NaijShawty- Babe mayne I really wann go for Adeboye, but my own church has a conference that day too! I am soo torn!

Anonymous said...

Lol ur hella late for just reading that book just now. It's been out for a min. Upgrade on your reading skills mami.

Anonymous said...

OMG I know what you mean with the facebook updates..jeez

Oh and I was just thinking about that weekend in Toronto it is insane. I shall be a Child of God and go for the Pastor Adeboye one on Friday then M.I on Saturday. 9ice can like to

Anonymous said...

Mehn!! I wish I was in Canada right now, Eddie Long (Not sure if he is an ordained Bishop), Paula White and Pastor Adeboye!!


OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

drop 9ice girl, dont miss MI u would regret it, then go to church oh, pst adeboye is one u shouldnt miss ok.
have fun

Mz. Dee said...

Ms.O.. God bless yu!!I typed in M.I concert on google and ur blog came on.. see me grinnin everywhere. Cud u give more detailz bout the concert?? I rily wana go 4 it.. fashi the 9ice one mehn..thankz b!

Where can i get a ticket?