Would you wine for me...?

Grinding.Synonyms,twerking,Dirty dancing,jukeing, bubbling,booty dancing,winding, perro. Urban dictionary:(1)when a women dances with her back to a man and her ass in his crotch, as to simulate doggystyle sex,(2)to rotate the hips in an erotic manner, in such a way that the girl's ass is grinding against the guy's crotch through erection, and sometimes even orgasm.

I went to on a mini vacation last week, on one of my nights out, we went to a club. it was their reggae night or something of that nature and I was excited seen as I love soca and it had been a minute since I heard that genre of music. On getting to the club with all guy friends, I was dumbfounded by the way they were referring to the girls who where doing "professional" grinds. I mean grinding on a whole other level, like pretty much having sex on the dance floor.I think they took it too much to heart when R.Kelly sang Wine for me! I saw people do things that my poor eyes can never forget.(lol) I stopped grinding when I started dating my last boyfriend he referred to it as ASHEAWO DANCING!!! To me, grinding was just another form of dancing. like salsa or the meringue.(lol) I didn't know it actually turned guys on(ok maybe i did), or maybe I should plead naivety. After visiting the club with friends and seeing how guys view girls who grind or twerk or bubble or whatevatheheck you want to call it, I AM GOING TO DECLARE ON MY BLOG TODAY THAT I MS O. OF CANADA shall not grind again. please I cannot be called the ashewo dancer oo. Ahh my bride-price has to remain high now! Naija guys are funny tho, because after they said all this stuff about these girls, they still went to collect their grinds!!! SPEECHLESS MUCH?

But on the real tho, what do you guys think of grinding(aka dirty dancing) is it just dancing or is there more to it.

p.s I just had the worst 48hours of my life. I just want to say I love my Family, my good friends and my Boo.. because sometimes I don't know how I would make it without these people.

p.s.s This is something I made when I got back home from school, after being in the library till about 7am. it took about 30mins to get ready! I was so hungry it felt like yrs to me. Spicy Gizzard sauce et sweet potatoes

Have a blessed week.
Ms. O


Penelope said...

Yeah... I totally do not grind.
I dont know if it has anything to do with my latest perception of it..or because It's just plain nasty when a guy gets hard on you..or due to the fact that i've totally lost my groove. Imagine, eldee concert has finalised it for me. No more outings abeg

Umm...so yeah, I used to be into it
No longer into it
Nasty or not? I sha dont griind

Oh..Im first.
Oh wow...how bou that!..:P

Dante said...

Well...as a man, my view of grinding will always be the opposite of penelope's. Lol. Even tho grinding seems nasty, if u grind on me, i will not complain. Unless i am not attracted to you. Why do guys complain that she is an 'ashewo', blah, blah? It is simply because they were not the ones being 'ground' on or getting the grind at that time. The way bodies make contact in the grind is also the way it does in salsa, merengue etc and they all elicit the same response from a guy and that is an erection. I am a guy; i will tell you. But i don't know if it is wrong for a woman to grind on her bobo: after all you make love to him and also there is public display of affection too...hmmm

mizchif said...

Oh, u love soca!!! U and me both dear!

As for the matter of whining...hmmm...lemme just confess that i am chief whiner-in-charge, and i really don't see anything wrong with it. Since i'm now based in the home of soca, u really can't expect me to be creep walking when i hear Shurwayne Winchester or Peter Ram?
I know when i get back to naija, i mite have to tone it down, but for now, i'm goin to "wuk up" as much as i very well please.

As for those heediots that were calling the girls ashawo, good u pointed out that they still went to get their grind on. Besides, it really doesn't take much 4 some guys to get turned on anyways and it's not every guy that gets a boner from dancing!
And just like the salsa, tango and what not, ppl shd just learn to think of whining as the traditional dance of the carribean, just like we have atilogwu!

ShonaVixen said...

Ok when I saw the title 'Wine For Me' it reminded me of how years back wiv my girls, we were coming from a club and a guy friend was driving us back home n he kept that song on rewind that it got on our nerves so much so that one of my girls shouted ' I'll wine for you if you just change that darn song!!'...LOL!!!
Double standards isn't it, they call them ashawo and yet still want their numbers so they can wine for them...mmmmmcccchewwww

Bombchell said...

eww at the definitions.

lol it really aint that serious, but in reggae clubs it is. its basically freak dancing. but in other clubs its more normal and not too crazy (shrugs). to each their own. just cuz someone dances like that with several people hot or not, doesnt mean she'll sleep with them.

Ovay West said...

I have to admit, I won the award for grinder girl back in the day, I was also hot fuck queen. I know, I know, I am ashamed of myself. Also boot meat queen. However, I have refrained from such ashewoisms and I am now a contemporary dancer :(

BSNC said...

preach sister.. lol. you will not be the ashewo of canada oo. its not your portion..

i have not eaten o, now am soo hungry :)

Writefreak said...

I'm old school and i dare say i think grinding is dirty!

Way to go Ms O, no grinding

Re the last 48 hours, i hope things are sorted...thank God you have good pple around you

Your food looks yummy and just reminded me i've not eaten all day...*sighs*

Good Naija Girl said...

I am not a grinder, but I wonder if it's more of a "not comfortable with my body" thing rather than thinking it's wrong. Ok, it's a combination of both.

I personally see no need to behave like that in full view of people other than the one you're with. I guess I like subtlety!

If you ever need a taste tester, please call me! I can be there within 30 minutes! :)

RocNaija said...

So I think I need someone to wine and grind for me for me to make an informed comment..
:-D All those youtube clips didn't help much..

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ Roc Naija. Nonsense boy.

I like grinding; the only thing is that when you do it publicly, there is no how people will not look @ you funny.

It's up to you. Needless to say, people will always talk anyway.

That ur food is looking good ooo!

b.muffin said...

I totally feel you on this post topic.....It's something that has been on mind for so long.
Personally I have a thing that I dn't grind on guys that are my friends...pls id rather not feel them poking me in the back..

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Miss O I've missed you!
Glad you got a mini vacation...
As for whining, I can't lie...that use to be my hobby till I learned my lesson...in fact, you've just inspired a post!

Funms-the rebirth said...

thank God for family and friends...... im sure they love u too....
i dont grind in clubs o........ except maybe its a jamaican song playing sha.....

AnyaPosh said...

grinder here. I like to know that I can do "things" to people without even looking at them or using my hands. But I have since repented from all those worldly "tins"! It's no longer a part of my lifestyle.


I'm that babe you'll find grinding in the corner, all day everyday! Sometimes I even go doubles in a sandwich with 2 guys...double stimulation, sexual seduction.

Buttercup said...

i've not grinded(ground?) since it led to the loss of my virginity..so i guess that sums up how i feel about it!

sorry about whtever u went through..i hope everything is ok now???

ur food looks delish mayn..

Anonymous said...

to me? grinding aint no bad thing maybe because when I get grind it don't mean nothing to moi in the sense that I just see it as dancing plus I hardly get hard ons from grinding [YES!!! blame it on too much dry humping as a teen]
Nehhh I dont see babes who grind as ashies o plz o...

tis all about me said...

i dnt think grinding is a biggie..infact ehn I LIKE TO GRIND ON BOYS...cant believe i just said that...hehe

Ms O. i'm on my way to your crib to pick up my own food oh...no shaking...lol

Afronuts said...


Please dont tell me u actually never knew bottom winding turns guys on!

Men are moved by what they see b4 anything else. So u can imagine - they are seeing and at the same time feeling...how dem no go get turned on?

LOL @ Ashawo dancing. I wonder how ur face looked after he said that.

Ms.O said...

@ Penelope, you were at the ELdee "concert" too!!! OMG!!! Tell me what you were wearing!!! Yea these days when I go out..I JUST STAND...quite sad..I guess Canada does that to you.

@Dante, you just stated my stance during this argument. I was like other forms of dance also involve body contact and why cant i grind on my bobo, not just random men!

@ Mizchif-I feel you men! but i will only grind who I am dating from now on..no more random whine-in!!!!lol at comparing whine-ing to atilogwu!!!!

@Shona-hahahaha you story had me rolling!!

@Bombchell- that is exactly what I was saying! just coz she danc3e like a freak don't mean she is a hoe!

@Ovay-loool they had a name for me back in the day.it was Otamba queen!!...ahhh Ottawa I miss when things used to be fun! I have also since passed down my crown to the younger generations!

@BSNC- come and eat..there is plenty to go around. I believe in sharing!..lol

@Writefreak- yes everything is sorted out thanx for asking. yesso no more grinding in 2009.

@GNG- sure thing, next time I am cooking...i'll holler!

@ Roc- LOL! ok who wants to volunteer to grind Roc now.plzzzz anybody!!!!

@Vera- That is so true, people will always talk.. esp. Naija ppl. to each his own jare.

@B.Muffin- I am totally getting you. how awkward will that be alter with guy friends...ewww!

@NDQ-Glad I inspired a post.I miss you too!

@Funms- I really am thankful

@Anya- loool..u had me fooled! You even do double sandwiches!

@Buttercup- are you fo real! wow! so you got turned on by it, this brings in a whole new perspective.lol

@Chari-I like you! better person!

@Its all about me- Your welcome mama. Ill be waiting!

@Afronuts- I knew it did, but not to the extent of orgasms and full erections!! that is just nasty! ahh look on my face= priceless!


Aphrodite said...

I actually think 'Grinding' to teh point of giving the guy an erection is obscene, call me a prude,lol...

That food looks tempting but too little,give me five plates of that,lol...

Buttercup said...

@ ms. o..its not me that was turned on to that point, it was the grindee, so he just cudnt take it any longer..mschew!

pinkyandbrain said...

"p.s I just had the worst 48hours of my life. I just want to say I love my Family, my good friends and my *Boo*.. "
-Is He Back?
-And Yeah, My Stomach Hails Your Cooking Skills!

Confessions of a London gal said...

I am soooo not a good all round dancer....But i can grrrrriiiiind like no mans' business!!!

Needless 2 say, I aint quitting grinding! (its all I've got) lol

You grind, you no grind, people will still say whateva they wanna say.

O'Dee said...

I want some of that yummy food.

Grinding; no way.

Fashinga said...

Lol@ Jukeing..Is that really a synonym for grinding?

Me i dont grind oh...For some reason, feeling a guys erection press against my backside when i'm dancing grosses me out!!! eewww..

Girls shuld be careful o...some guys do really stupid things when they get excited..Choose who you grind on..lol

Ps: That food looks yummy

Later Luv!!

Bibi said...

I grind, I have to admit. But not with everyguy I dance with though. It gets gets freaky though. lol

Ms.O said...

@Aphrodite-lol I feel you now!

@Buttercup- lool sure that is what you will say..lool jokes! come back on facebook jo!

@PNB-lol! Only you would notice..maybe we are!

@Confession- I am getting your P.

@O'Deee- yay I found you!

@Fashinga- lol yes it is. I found it online. You should read NDQ's post on what happened to her while grinding.

@Bibi- yes I know how freaky it can get!

Tears said...

LOL!! ....Yummy to the pix!!!

doll said...

LOL@ Wine for me

Well i guess it depends on who you are grinding with

Enkay said...

Yup, I agree with Doll, it depends on whom you're grinding with. In my case, I'll grind with my hubby any day!

thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words on my birthday.

tobenna said...

Dont mind those boys oh.
You can grind with your bobo well well....

Buttercup said...

Update nauuu :(

Buttercup said...

Update nauuu :(

Original Mgbeke said...

Ooooh that food looks sooo good. Aniwoos my dear, I don't like to grind anymore o. I've started feeling too 'old'. Infact these days, at parties I just dance with my girls. Dancing with men can be too much wahala sometimes...

ManCee said...

I'd want my chic to be able to 'grind'...but only in private sessions with yours truly.

Problem is 'How would she learn to do it right if she hadn't started with someone else?'

Heck! I'll take what i get men! ...Whine on baby...