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Hello guys sorry I have been away for a little while, but exams are over and summer is finally here(YAY!!!!!!!!!!!) so back to working full time. I have a new job that is very permanent that I just started last week, so I dont know yet if I like it or not. I have not been out due to being ridiculosly tired from exams and work to celebrate the beeginning of the summer yet, but a couple of friends have been in my house all week and we are having too much fun for our own good..Loves you girliessss!!!!!

Here is an interview I did with the girls of 134 Elitz which is a Nigerian Magazine based in Canada. they are the first of thier kind and I am so proud of these girls. They had to face alot of chnallenges to get to were they are and I am grateful that they were able to take time out of their busy schedules to do the interivew. So here it is, the second series in the Nigerian Canadian feature. Have fun reading and contact them if you wish to have an Ad or article you want in the magazine.

-To begin with where did the name 134Elitz come from? I love the name! and how many people does 134elitz comprise of?
It’s actually quite interesting and funny because more thought was put into coming up with the name of the magazine than actually starting the magazine itself lol. Well we wanted a name that was the reflected belonging to a certain social class. A name that reflected the lifestyle of the readers we cater to, that’s where elitz came from. We actually came up with ELITE first but then realized there was already an elite magazine, so I was like how about we add a Z to the end to make it a little bit different. Even after the alteration it just still didn’t seem that different so we wanted to add something that would make it ours, more of a personal touch that all four founders could associate with. That is where the 134 came from, it happened to be our house number, where all four founders resided at. 134 was a place where people came to chill from far and wide, it was fun, always one thing or the other going on and of course where the idea or concept behind the magazine was born. 134elitz comprises of 4 original founders.

Tinyan,Tosin,Kaffy and Ehi

-So can you explain to the readers what services 134elitz provide.

We are a lifestyle magazine with great emphasis on fashion, arts & creative Photography 134elitz Magazine serves as an avenue to showcase the works of young talented Africans who have no platform to display their works and creativity.In addition, we strive to celebrate successful professionals excelling in their specialized fields with the goal of serving as role models to younger and upcoming youths in the African community.

-Why did you choose the magazine/entertainment industry?

It was not so much of we choosing the magazine industry..i'd like to think it chose us, I mean we started out in a time where there was hardly no such thing as a Media outlet for young Africans in Canada to express their talent or creativity moreso even take the initiative to pursue their dreams. Art and creativity is something we live everyday, its not just in some of us its in ALL of us except that its been harnessed by some more than others.So if we as young people can inspire others to be the best they can be in very FUN ways like a fashion magazine, that's what we aspire to acheive. So our mandate is to push young people to be the very best they can be by doing what they absolutely love to do and be sucessful at it and what better way to speak to them than with 134Elitz where you see real people you probably know achieving.

-What other magazines or people have been your inspiration to achieve your goals for 134elitz mag?
Its the everyday people! The regular girl/guy next door who is struggling to carve a niche for themselves, seek exposure and pursue their dreams relentlessly. Its the dreamer who's too afraid to bring their dreams to life. its the fashion designer who has no outlet to showcase her work even though she's very talented. its the young entrepreneur who needs a boost from a failed project.its the aspiring professional who does not believe in her self until she reads about an accomplished professional

-what makes 134 Elitz mag different from other Nigerian/non-Nigerian magazines.
First off, We are all about real people with real problems so you can expect to flip the pages of 134Elitz Magazine and see people you might know personally

-Where do you see 134 Elitz mag 10yrs from now.
Truthfully, i see a huge empire with many significant arms...I see her branching off into an entertainment/fashion stream, I see her supporting lots of women's issues. Educational issues as well as issues affecting humanity.I see a fully functional business with thousands of employees as well as being a resource to young people.

Well thank you girles for the wonderful and insightful interview. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours!

Contact Info-

that is the interview... hope you enjoyes reading about them. Also visit I love the website and there are alot of really funny and insightful articles on it. VISIT IT!!!!!!


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