That made up Holiday!

In the past some have called me a cynic a pessimist et al. I see my self as a Realist. Why? well maybe it is because I see the world as black most times instead of grey or white. I envision the bad before the good and much more. I do not believe in mourning over issues for too long. I do not cry for things I cannot control and I do not sit down and wallow in self pity. Instead I get up, shake the dust of my shoulders and move on, and that I have.

Valentines day has never been that much of a big deal to me and this year was not very different. Normally I spend the day like any other day in my fabulous life(jkz), but this year it fell on a Saturday and all of a sudden I felt I had to do something too! and so began the tedious task of trying to figure out where to go! We(me and some of my girls) Finally decided on a play at a local theater and desserts afterward. The play " A midwinter's dream tale" a parody of Shakespeare,was very lovely.

I did not even notice the three hours that we spent at the theater. After the play, we went to a little chic restaurant for desserts and I had a "Chocolate eruption" IT WAS MIND BLOWING! Me and my girls laughed over the events of the past year, gisted about the reasons why we were single and how they(not me) hoped they were not single next year. Overall it was a fabulous night spent with great friends. I really wish I could show you guys pics! but yeaaaaaaaaaa!!! this would have to do! I think it is the cutest pic ever!!!

Have a lovely week all! I am on my spring break(yes already)so lots of sleeping to do and lazing around! LIFE IS GREAT!



Writefreak said...

I'm first???

Glad you had a nice day! You hope to be single next year? Well...i hope that changes!

That picture is very very cute!

Anonymous said...

that picture is ADORABLE. well I am glad you had a lovely day.

Vera Ezimora said...

Stop meskafunking and show us picture jare! lol. Love the template. And that picture is too cute.

Funms-the rebirth said...

cute picture..... chocolate eruption? i want!!!!1

doug said... it just me or is everyone fearing for the safety of that babe and not speaking up? I mean the dude could fall couldn't he?

Buttercup said...

awww good for u!

lol @ doug..its only u that wud notice such!

doug said...

@Buttercup: mscheeeeeewwww! Go to bed! Vampire!

Buttercup said...

@ doug..mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Owl!

Ms.O said...

lol!!! will the both of u get a rooma already...Oops sorry thought tht was Charizard!!!..hehe

@writefreak. I dont want to be single, but if I am, I don't think its like a condemnation in life.:)

Buttercup said...

haaaa alakoba! i hope u know what that means cos i have no idea how to translate

wordmerchant said...

lol@buttercup and doug

so am not the only one that can't ride a bike..i never learnt because i was too scared of falling off!! silly me.


na waaaaaaaaaaaaa

~Sirius~ said...

wow, someone had a fabulous day.....Nice.

PS: That picture gave me goose bumps.

Ms.O said...

Butters...I dont know what that means!!!!

@ WM- Lol..I tried to learn! but I would fall..the older I got..I fell more!! I didnt want to ahve a huge scar!!! so I stopped!

@ SD- why?!?!?!

@ Yes I did!



And I am loving that pic. Can't remember the actors name.

african weight loss diva said...

Lol, hope your next years vals is better than this!!!

OluwaDee said...

A day out with friends & you had fun; whos aid vals had to be spent with a man.

Enjoy your spring break.

Mista Jaycee said...

Cool! Glad you had fun and I hope you find someone to be single with then not single with dig?
Stop by
Mista Jaycee
PS I am not Sista Jaycee the Biblical Writer although I dig her blog.

Ms.O said...

@Aunty SSD-I cant either!

@African Diva- Amen ooo!

@Oluwadee- I had so much fun! Spring break was good!

@Mista jaycee- I had to read that over like 5 times to get it! Over to yours now!